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LVL UP Expo 2020 event to host gaming activities, technology, anime, and more

LVL UP EXPO 2020 event to be a platform for gaming technology more

LVL UP Expo is a forthcoming event that consists of anime, technology, and gaming conventions. It is scheduled to be held in Las Vegas from 21st Feb to 23rd Feb. For those who are unaware, LVL UP EXPO is a non-profit organization situated in Las Vegas. It hosts a huge range of gaming activities, technology inventions, design, and anime. One of the main goals of the LVL UP Expo is to gather and combine together all these activities into a single platform and organize them in the form of a huge annual event. Thus, all gaming and tech enthusiasts must be eagerly awaiting to attend the LVL UP EXPO 2020.

How to be a part of LVL UP EXPO 2020?

In order to be a part of this huge technology and gaming event, one needs to obtain passes or a “badge” to enter this event. This can be procured from the LVL EXPO website; wherein there is a button named “GET YOUR BADGE” on the home page itself. On clicking the same, one would be able to view badges of different rates, such as $50 (Full Weekend Badge), $100 (VIP Badge), $150 (Full Weekend Family Pack), and $25-$30 (One Day Only Badge).

Each badge would be having different conditions and events associated with it. Interested people can choose their own badge depending on their situations and convenience. Also, kids within 10 years of age would be getting a free entry to the event when an adult holding a valid badge accompanies them. 

Tournaments organized for the event

There are some pretty interesting tournaments that have been organized as a part of the event. These are listed below:

  • Esports 2020: Both PC, as well as Console tournaments, have been arranged as a part of Esports tournaments this year. Games such as Counter-Strike, Minecraft, and Fortnite would be available to play on the PC, whereas Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Tekken 7, Dragonball Fighter Z, OnPoint would have to be played on the console.
  • Tabletop Tournaments 2020: These are inclusive of games like Dragon Ball Super 2020 Regional Championship, UFS Worlds, 9DKP, Argent Saga Championship, Force of Will Grand Prix and Magic The Gathering
  • Retro: This would include some very old games that had become very famous. Games like Tetris, Mario Tennis, and many more such interesting ones are a part of retro game tournaments.
  • Pokemon Activity Challenge: In this challenge, one would have to prove that he or she is the best Pokemon Professor or trainer. The best one is eligible to receive prizes.

Events that have been organized

Events that would be a part of this gathering include Cosplay Contest, Lip Sync for your Cosplay, ANX Kpop Battles, Side Quest, and Pro Wrestling. A Panel Submission event has also been arranged wherein people are given the freedom to host a panel of their choice. However, the host would be chosen based on the originality and quality of the panel content. 

Guests who would be gracing the event

No event can be made extraordinary without special guests gracing the same. To make this event all the more special, celebrity guests like Carolina Ravassa, Gaku Space, Jonny Cruz, Jen Cohn, Charlet Chung, and many more such high-profilers are expected to attend the event. 

The official commentators for 2020 Esports are Phil Visu and TKbreezy, while the streamer for the Esport event is expected to be XxShinobazuxX.

Jez Roth is expected to attend the event as an industry guest.

The guests who would be a part of the 2020 Cosplay events are Holly Wolf, Miso Tokki, Aly Brazil, and Unicorn Astronaut.

The Chalk Twins are expected to give a performance at the event.

So in case, you haven’t yet registered for the event, hurry up right away!!!!!

Image Source: LVL UP EXPO

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