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Lyft increases Denver’s vehicle fleet by deploying 200 EVs

Lyft adds 200 EVs to its fleet image

Denver will now get to see at least 200 electric vehicles, all belonging to Lyft. This additional fleet of vehicles would start running on Colorado’s roads by December, according to news. The new fleet of EVs are a part of the Express Drive program for drivers launched by Lyft. The company claims that this is the largest number of EVs it has ever added on any city’s roads. Also, for the first time ever, Colorado would be witnessing such a large number of EVs running on its roads.

Lyft has been taking a lot of efforts in emphasising the importance of EVs. Recently, it introduced a Green Mode to its app. This mode would enable the user to request a ride in an EV. It has also vouched to increase its count of EVs throughout 2019.

All about Express Drive program
Lyft started the Express Drive program as an initiative to offer cars on rental basis to drivers. Members of this program are eligible to get unlimited mileage along with insurance benefits, maintenance and of course, roadside service. The rental duration can be as little as a week. Post this drivers can return the vehicle.

Lyft has initiated this program at a perfect time. This is considering the fact that earlier in May 2019, the governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, cleared a bill stating that rideshare operators are eligible for rental programs with incentives that are equivalent to the ones which consumers receive at the state level. This would be about $5000 for each vehicle purchased.

Advantages of EV deployment
Lyft feels that programs of this sort turn out to be highly beneficial for drivers. One of the essential benefits is that the operating costs are quite low for drivers. This is stated based on its previous experience of EV deployment in Seattle and Atlanta. On average, the prices drop down ranging from $70 to $100 for each driver.

Needless to say, with so many EVs running around, consumers do not have to face the hazards of carbon emissions and air pollution. Thus, it is both health-friendly as well as environment-friendly. One fact which still needs to be decided is whether this kind of programs would help in reducing the number of cars on roads. However, one thing is for sure, programs like these do encourage the adoption of EVs. This would definitely increase the percentage of EVs on roads.

A large number of EVs on the road also provides a lot of opportunities for people who are in charge of infrastructure operations of the EV network. These operators need to ensure that there is a good charging network in place so as to facilitate the smooth running of EVs. One can expect several consumers when EVs are running without any problems. Ultimately, these factors would gradually increase the number of electric vehicles on roads.

Lyft plans to increase its EV fleet in the following years to come. One can sincerely hope that initiatives like these work out in the best of interests for everyone.

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