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M Nesting Height-Adjustable Table by SiS Ergo Fit for Both Homes and Offices

M Nesting height-adjustable table by SiS Ergo fit for both homes and offices

As many of us have taken to working from home in the past few months, a sense of comfort has enhanced, considering we have realized its importance. Creating workplaces where they wouldn’t be has been one of the key factors behind this realization. In this light, transformable and movable furniture has come to the frontline.

Upon realizing the user’s changing needs in recent times, schools and workplaces have been trying to find ways to incorporate flexible furniture to implement social distancing. COVID-19 has changed how we have been using spaces and furniture in them.

The transition has been caught on well by a Danish company, SiS Ergo, who recently launched a new piece of furniture. A single user height-adjustable table has been created by the company, under the name the M Nesting table.

The newly launched table has been designed to transform in ways it can be used for small meetings and large meetings while maintaining social distancing norms. A 90-degree flip-down top and a manual sit-to-stand feature make all of this possible for the users.

Every feature in the table has been induced in a way to be adaptable. Very lightweight construction but sturdy at the same time, makes it fit to be used in restrictive space areas. You could put it against a wall without it even taking much of your space.

Space-saving furniture is the need of the hour as space crunch is faced by most of us living in the city. This aspect is key in the M Nesting table, which also sports a very interesting petal shaped profile that creates visual interest to numerous user groups. Universal design being implemented at its best can be seen here.

Sis Ergo president Scott McPartlin discussed the M Nesting table’s features in an interview saying that, “We envisioned a beautiful single-user height-adjustable work table that could serve multiple needs and be easy to use.” The Danish design style that focuses on minimalism and clean aesthetics is also a visible feature mentioned by McPartlin.

Upon being asked about the suitability of the table for today’s users, Scott also added that “The M Nesting Table is highly unique because it can work just as easily within an office setting as at home.” He further reflects on how times are uncertain, and we would be working in the office one day and home the other day, which is why the table becomes a product that could fulfill such needs.

The maximum height that the table can achieve is 45.1 inches, and the petal shape can be used to configure it in various ways, as the user requires. Key targets of the design have been easy maintenance, adaptability and safety of the user. Sanitization concerns can also be waived off as it can be cleaned up very easily.

Many New York City offices have already started using the M Nesting table, and they have loved the aesthetics and the adaptability of the table.

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