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Make your Keyboard an Art Work with FleskyArt

Make your Keyboard an Art Work with FleskyArt

It is just established FleksyArt: A market for artists to market electronic works for its users in order that they can customize the appearance of their own keyboards. Fleksy has had computer keyboard topics before. However, the artwork market intends to go further — opening its stage till all sorts of artists to distribute work to its own”millions” of consumers for display on a part of key smartphone real-estate (it points outside that the keyboard is the 2nd most used program on mobiles, after all).

As this is computer keyboard artwork, the illustrations and artworks look with all the letters of Fleksy’s keyboard overlaid. Hence that the startup warns legibility is vital. Definitely some layouts will work better than others. But past that the inventive sky is your limit. It is inviting other artists to join by submitting a portfolio of work for inspection here.

“I send them guidelines on how to prepare the assets and I write the last specs before publishing inside the product.””There are defined guidelines in terms of the number of pieces (always packs of 2-4 themes) and artists can create as many packs as they want. We suggest the pieces inside each pack have a connection, they can be connected by an idea or style,” she goes on.

“We publish the packs in a dedicated section in the host app (which we redesigned with this in mind not long ago) then communicate in social media. We’ve also just launched the website section with interviews and the artist profiles and bios so they have a nice place to be showcased.”

Fleksy is placing a level cost of $2.99 for many artwork packs — so that artists selling to the market”have exactly the identical cost and competition is reasonable”, as Gerchinhoren sets it.

It is performing a 50:50 revenue split on earnings — following Google’s 30 percent commission was factored in. This implies that Google gets $0.89 each purchase, along with also the artist and Fleksy subsequently divide the remainder.

Fleksy has also verified that artists retain copyright in their own functions.

“We’re setting this collaboration on a revenue-share model,” it notes on its own site. “You’ll receive 50% of the revenue after Google’s 30% commission. We think this is fair since you’ll provide the Artwork and Fleksy implements & distributes your Artwork. Payments are made bi-annually, upon our receipt of a legal invoice from you”.

Image Source: Techcrunch

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