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Man accused of selling illegal fireworks near to Open Flame Water Heater

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In Merced County, California, Michael Francis Yonan, a 35-year old man was arrested for possessing illegal fireworks of 789 pounds next to an open flame water heater. The scene occurred near the area of W. Lawrence Court in Winton. The officers were earlier informed about illegal fireworks being sold from a house, the fireworks being stocked in the garage. Based on the information, the deputies went ahead to check and arrested the person, when found true.

According to the Merced County Sheriff’s Office, when the officers reached the house, they found illegal and dangerous explosives, weighing 789 pounds, stocked in the garage of the house, that too near an open flame water heater. The explosives not only proved to be a risk for the person owning them but even to the families living in the neighborhood.

Cal-Fire explained to the officers and the families nearby that, if one of the explosives went off in the garage, all the explosives would go off simultaneously and that could have killed everyone staying in the neighborhood. The illegal fireworks were confiscated by the officers and arrested Michael for violating the California Health and Safety Code 12677- Felony Possession of dangerous fireworks and Penal Code 273(a)- Felony Child endangerment. 

The fireworks that are stated as legal and safe for both living beings and environment can only be bought by the citizens in the State of California, as stated by the Merced County Sheriff. The fireworks that are stated as illegal can be explosives and the one that has them in possession should have a license issued by the State of California. 

The Deputy has also stated that with the Fourth of July approaching, the time can also be unsafe and stressful for the animals. It is being suggested that the pets should have a collar with the name and contact details of the owner and also the pets should be micro-chipped. The pets should not be allowed to roam outside as the fireworks and explosives can be harmful for them. To make the pets feel stress-free, make sure to play some music as that can reduce the noise of the fireworks outside. Even if after that the pet gets panicked or has anxiety issues, make sure to consult the nearby veterinarian. 

Being said that, it is also important that the kids should also be aware and have the precautions. If there is a newborn baby in the house, make sure to play music so as to reduce the effect of fireworks. The children should know which fireworks are safe and which are a bit dangerous. The parents should take notice of their children and provide a safe environment for the children to enjoy the occasion. 

The citizens should also be aware of the shops where they are buying fireworks. Make sure to check the fireworks being safe and if you have a slight doubt, ask the shopkeeper for his/her license for selling fireworks. If you see someone having illegal fireworks, make sure to report to the nearby police station, as those fireworks can be dangerous for the whole neighborhood.

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