Man Pleaded Guilty for Hacking into Athletes’ and Rappers’ Apple Accounts

A Georgia Man pleaded guilty for hacking into the Apple accounts of several famous athletes and musicians. He has also spent some thousands of dollars from the victim’s accounts. According to the Justice Department, the 27-year-old Kwamaine Jerell Ford pretended that he is an Apple representative and sent phishing emails to some of the famous athletes from NBA, NFL and even some rappers.

Ford sent emails from different addresses and obtained the login credentials from users. The Justice Department hasn’t received the name of the celebrities whose accounts got hacked. There were some hundreds of unauthorized logins from the victim’s accounts.

As soon as Ford gets the login credentials, Ford used to attempt to take control of the accounts entirely. He used to change the username and passwords making it difficult for the users to access the accounts without the help of an Apple employee.

Ford spent thousands of amounts from the accounts that he hacked for furniture, money transfers and traveling.

Apple Insider has reported about this incident on Friday. It has been once again proven that no matter how high profile or celebrity you are, no one is considered as an exception when it comes to hackers. Hackers like Ford will always find ways to get their hands on your personal information, said FBI special agent Chris.

This is a case that explains how important it is to be careful in protecting personal data and passwords. It highlights the threats from suspicious emails. Everyone should consider this is a lesson and be careful.

In April 2018 Ford was indicted for wire fraud, access device fraud, computer fraud, and aggravated identity fraud on six counts each. This year he only pleaded guilty for one count of computer fraud and identity theft. The sentencing will be done in summer.


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