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Belgian man sits on a toilet seat for 116 hours to set a World Record

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A 48-year-old man, Jimmy De Frenne took up a challenge by himself to sit on a toilet pot for 165 targeted hours. He wanted to get a Guinness record in his name. And he successfully did so. Although he could only sit for 116 out of the 165 hours, he still is the person who sat on a toilet seat for the longest duration.

The arrangement of a toilet setup was made in the middle of a bar in Belgium. The Ostend local bar stayed open for 24 hours all days while Frenne was attempting to make the world record. He was only allowed to take breaks to go to an actual toilet since his toilet pot was not connected to plumbing. The breaks lasted not more than five minutes in every hour. He could also, as per his will, gather those five minutes for several hours to have sleep.

Guinness said there is no record officially noted with them for sitting on a toilet seat. He had no restriction what so ever. Sitting on the toilet pot was pretty much all that he had to do. He could check his phone, eat whatever food he wanted to, and had regular visits from his family and friends with whom he would sit (because he could not stand of course) and chat for long.

Before taking up the challenge, De Frenne was aware of the previous attempts that were made by people to get their name in the Guinness Book of World record. Apparently, the longest duration one sat on the toilet seat was 100 hours and he sure as hell wanted to surpass that.

The challenge was however not that easy as it sounds. De Frenne started to have health issues and that is probably why he could not continue till his targeted 165 hours. His legs began to hurt and got exhausted by sitting in the same place and the same position for hours which turned into days.

“Self-mockery is the best humor there is. Why am I doing this? Why not? There is nothing I like more than people making fun of me because then I can do the same with them,” De Frenne said and added, “I was very tired and my legs hurt but I believe in my success and try to make this record official”.

De Frenne said Guinness World Records was aware that there was an attempt to make a world record and that local officials and witnesses were making checks to validate it. As per latest news, this attempt got him his name in the Guinness Book of World Records registered. Kind of surprising how jokes and puns turn into some serious stuff.

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