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Manitowoc Launches LuminIce II that Protects Ice Machines from Bacterias and Viruses.

When sanitization, purifying our intakes, and cleanliness are advocated and encouraged in all fields of life, ice making is not sitting behind. Manitowoc is a Large brand when it comes to ice making, the company has released an ice maker has launched LuminIce II, it is the only’ fully integrated’ solution to safeguarding your ice machines from the Bacterias and viruses around. LuminIce II is technically equipped to fight the bacterias that grow in cold environments 24x7x365. It will do this using a germicidal grade UVC light and UVV light. These emit cold oxygen plasma in the icemaker’s food compartment to kill airborne viruses and bacterias.

Now the technical functioning of this machine may be a little complex for just anyone to understand. It works as such: It draws in air from behind the evaporator, it then passes the air on to the germicidal class 254 nm UVC light which eventually sterilizes it. Then a 185 nm UVV light is focused on the water vapors and the oxygen present in the water streams as it passes right by the bulb, creating photo plasma. As a result of this process, cold oxygen plasma is generated, ionized using the ions present in the UVV light, which contains other elements like ozone, hydroxyl radicals, and free electrons. Each of these elements is highly reactive with bacterias that it finds in the icemakers.

The icemaker continually inhibits the growth of any viruses or bacteria presents inside. It eventually saves the owner a much needed annual cleanup of the ice-making machine, which might cost him over $1500. The only cost to bear in the name of maintenance is the changing of a UV bulb after every few months, and the bulb only costs around $65 per piece. The recirculation of active air within the food zone makes sure that the bacteria and viruses don’t inhibit the ice machine. While the basic benefit of this machine is the cleaner, more purified product, it helps the owner cut down on costs induced in maintaining the ice-making machine. However, LuminIce II has some other benefits as well, which are: maintenance wipe downs are relatively easier and much faster. The sanitization time required is reduced and de-scaled as well. The performance and longevity of the machine are increased, and the ice tastes better in general.  

Indigo NX, an award-winning machine, comes with an easy touch display. It also provides a sanitization button in the display, which informs the user that the device is currently working or even when the bulb needs a replacement. Sometimes a message might appear in the display to remind the owner to change the bulb after one year. You can order a LuminIce II preinstalled for 26 Indigo NXTs, directly from the factory, or you can opt for the plug and play aftermarket version. The LuminIce II can be ordered from Manitowoc and is usable with Neo, Indigo NXT, and Indigo ice machines.

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