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Maserati likely to reveal its first hybrid vehicle on April 21

Maserati to reveal its first hybrid car on April 21

With a lot of automakers heading towards producing electrified and hybrid vehicles, it looks like Maserati also does not wish to leave any stones behind when it comes to EVs. If reports are to be believed, then the Italian luxury vehicle maker is inching closer towards its first hybrid vehicle which it plans to launch during the Beijing show on April 21.

The Fiat Chrysler based brand had announced in 2019 itself that it plans to make a public appearance sometime in 2020, and for the same, there couldn’t have been a better platform than the Beijing auto show. Maserati is planning to show the Ghibli version of its Sedan as its first hybrid car. This Ghibli could likely get a plug-in drivetrain. However, as of now, the specifications and the functionality of this hybrid system are not completely known. Details would emerge only post the launch.

Launching off its first hybrid car in China is totally understandable from Maserati’s point of view. This is going by the fact that the Chinese government is totally into the electrification of vehicles in a bid to reduce CO2 emissions. It would also be pretty helpful in the European region where tougher rules have been implemented for controlling carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Keeping this fact in mind, automobile companies in and around Europe have been looking to produce more electric vehicles. In fact, automakers in the European region are pushing towards producing more vehicles that are fuel-efficient and emit less carbon, thereby proving to be environment-friendly.

Chinese customers opting to purchase a Ghibli plug-in hybrid vehicle would be receiving incentives worth 10,000-yuan (equivalent to $1440) from the government of China. However, one must make a note that these subsidies would be offered only to those purchasers who go for a plug-in hybrid vehicle. People going for any other type of hybrid would not be eligible for these incentives.

Well-known market researchers JATO Dynamics had conducted a thorough study on the Maserati vehicle sales in China. According to JATO Dynamics, Maserati’s vehicle sales had dropped by almost 27% to 6100 in China last year. Maserati plans to provide the details of its 2019 sales on February 6.

Maserati’s future plan for electric vehicles
Maserati has made a business plan to produce at least 10 brand new or upgraded electric/hybrid vehicles between 2020 and 2023. Out of these 10 models, one is likely to be a sports car that would be fully electric. Its engine would be a combination of electric and gasoline variants. This vehicle could most likely be released in May at the headquarters of Maserati located in Modena, Italy.

Maserati would be progressing towards the making of the Quattroporte large Sedan and Levante large SUV. These two vehicles would be included in the company’s product plan.

Maserati plans to release a mid-sized SUV sometime next year. This is most likely to be positioned below the Levante.

The latest GranTurismo coupe and GranCabrio convertible models that are all set to arrive in 2021 and 2022 respectively would basically arrive as battery-operated cars, reveals Maserati’s business plan. Both these cars were out of their production phase in November.

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