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Matternet’s landing station for a drone comes straight from some sci-fi movie

Matternet’s landing station for a drone comes straight from some sci-fi movie

Drones are no longer the latest trend, like almost every other household fixated on photography and videography has one. But the new research on the drone that has taken the technical market by storm is the tech involved in making drones for deliveries. Matternet, which is one of the leading platforms for urban drone delivery, has come up with a landing station that resembles a death ray gun straight from a Star Wars movie.

A drone is supposed to land on something for their deliveries to be perfect and on time. It is not going to land on some lawn or garden, and hence a perfect landing station is a must. Unlike Prime Air, the Matternet Company’s drones are made for fixed point to point delivery and are responsible for doing it even under time-sensitive situations such as in hospitals. 

The Matternet Company carried out various pilot tests and beta tests across Switzerland and North Carolina before releasing its drones on the field. The company has recently initiated a new test to be performed in San Diego, after which the drone models finalized will be able to deliver medical facilities and other emergency supplies that are time-bound such as blood samples, vaccinations, injections, and a lot more. 

Currently, drones have faced several restrictions while trying to make time-bound emergency deliveries, such as traffic and some more ground complications. But, after the release of drones made by Matternet, these restrictions will no longer be applicable.

Despite being able to reach the place on time for delivery, there still exist various questions that need to be addressed. Such as, what happens after the drone lands? How to change its batteries? When to approach it? How to know if it is ready to take off? How to remove the payload from the drone? And a lot more other questions. So to answer these questions, it is better to have something which is completely automated, rather than having a person do it manually. It is where the landing station of Matternet comes into play.

The company intended the landing space not only to be fully automated but also to be eye-catching. The tower stands 10 feet tall and has a flower-like opening, which resembles the towers from movies like Star Trek and Lost in Space.

The working of the landing space is in such a way, where the flower-like plates will open outward to take the drone in. The drone lands in the center of it and will be grasped by the machinery. The payload will be automatically removed from the drone, and the drone will be provided with a new battery. As soon as the drone is scanned ready to take off, it will be released back by the tower. The package remains in the tower until an authorized person will scan a dongle to take the parcel away.

In case the tower has only one drone inside, it is allocated for deliveries. It will remain in the top part of the tower until it is needed for later. But there are places with more than one drone. At such times, the drones will be placed 60 feet above the location that will resemble a doughnut. When needed, it will come to the tower and will be ready to launch.

The landing station will be installed in one of Matternet’s existing client hospitals, in the second quarter of the year. If the installation goes well, and the feedback received will be mostly positive, the company aims at installing the same in more of their client’s hospital area. Currently, the landing station is in a shakeout period. If everything does not go as per plan, the company is ready to make necessary changes and tweaks to the design plan and performance, plus the working model of the landing space.

According to various leading drone websites, this particular automated landing station will be a revolution if it works perfectly. As the rising health crisis in the world demands for a quick delivery system or agent that will make every hospital available with on-time vaccines and blood samples needed for transfusion. A survey revealed that almost 25% of deaths reported in hospitals occur because of a lack of proper care, no proper vaccination, or medicine available at the time. With this invention, it will be a ray of hope towards decreasing the mortality rate at hospitals.

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