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Max Colchon Added to Mlily USA Retailing for $479

Max Colchon added to Mlily USA retailing for $479

Mattress manufacturer Mlily USA is now offering a new product in its already well-established product line. The new mattress is called Max Colchon, and the idea behind the launch of this product is to target price-conscious customers. The new addition to the line up now allows the brand’s retail partners to widen the product range at the store. From $479 for Max Colchon to $5999 for their cool power system, the expansive product range will surely bring in more footfall to the stores.

Max Colchon, the new addition to Mlily USA’s collection, is a popular mattress brand in Spain. The brand was acquired earlier by Mlily’s parent company , Healthcare Co. Ltd. Before the acquisition, the brand was sporting 70+ stores around Spain, but now the manufacturing for the brand will be done by Mlily USA’s factories in South Carolina.

The addition of Max Colchon to the mix comes from the aim of the company to expand its horizon in terms of its target audience. Even though the mattress is an entry-level product and will be competing with the existing comprehensive range that Mlily carries, it is meant to target the more price-conscious segment of the consumers.

The decision that Mlily has taken also paves the way for all its retailers to cater to a broader spectrum of customers without really taking any other measures. It will rather help in bringing in a smooth transition. Hence, the retailers won’t just be able to sell the brand name of Mlily USA to first-time customers but also to more established customers who are already familiar with it.

The President of the company has also said that they wish to adapt to the needs of their consumers as the time and situations change while being able to offer what they stand for at almost any price point. It is why the price of Max Colchon has been capped at $479 while it features the comfortable foam and hybrid design that Mlily is known for.

There are a total of six models that are available as of now for the mattress, and the best of the six goes for $999 in the market. Three out of the six models have been done in Jacquard fabric, and their profile ranges between 8 to 12 inches. There are three other hybrid models available along with this, which support a cool to touch fabric. Only profiles available for the hybrid models are 10 inches and 12 inches with more comfortable options available on the side.

The strategy behind the launch of a low-priced mattress also comes from the goal of the company to expand its brand to reach globally. It is why Mlily constantly focuses on adding unique products to their collection and eventually expanding the reach of their retailers and customers.  

Although Max Colchon won’t be the first low priced mattress to be added to Mlily’s collection, they already have a Dreamer collection under which mattresses range between $529 to $779.

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