McDonald’s Employees Might Call the Police on Customers not Wearing Masks

Masks have become a mandate as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc over the world. Despite how grave the situation is currently, many have been seen out and about without wearing masks. That has led to many retail and food giants like McDonald’s to make masks a mandate for all customers who visit the outlets. 

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski has also recently said that the employees could even go to the extent of calling the police on any customer who refuses to wear a mask while visiting any restaurant. The trend seems to see an upward graph as more and more violent customers who aren’t willing to wear masks have come to the front. 

Many retailers and McDonald’s announced that masks are a mandatory week ago, but that hasn’t helped any of the employees at the outlets. Constant reports of harassment from customers refusing to wear masks have been cited. Law enforcement will be required to step in here, which has led to McDonald’s CEO saying so. 

Kempczinski recently said in an interview that, “If someone is unwilling to wear a mask and comply with our rules, that might be where we might bring in law enforcement.” It indicates the situation’s graveness as many retailers are also urging the White House to declare a nationwide mandate on masks to help ease the burden.

A survey was conducted by McDonald’s after the company announced on July 24 that all customers coming to the outlets would need to wear a mask from August 4. The survey was done with 4187 employees of the company, and the results showed that 44% of them had already experienced abuse from customers who denied wearing masks in the past few weeks. It eventually led to making masks a mandate.

Many retailers across the U.S. have already put forward policies that require customers to visit their stores to wear masks. It has also come to notice that many of them aren’t urging the customers who aren’t wearing them under the fear that they might show aggression.

It has become difficult for all such stores to balance between keeping themselves and the store safe for others. People not wearing masks in public eventually poses risks for the employees working in stores and other people visiting post that. That is why more and more retailers are urging towards national policies for masks.

The new policy that McDonald’s has put into place sees a new light as it completely asks the employees to take a new direction. The refrain from interacting or arguing on it with them has been encouraged by the company. Instead, the maskless customers would be ushered to a separate pick up spot, in place of the usual line, to proceed with their order.

The company says they can’t expect their employees to put themselves in harm’s way by having violent interactions with customers refusing to wear masks. If it does come to an employee calling the police, McDonald’s has a legal stronghold because of its mandatory masks policy.

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