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McDonald’s Finally Brings Back its Breakfast Menu, but a Few Very Popular Items are Missing

McDonald’s finally brings back its breakfast menu, but a few very popular items are missing

Ever since there was news that McDonald’s might finally be opening up its drive-thru service, delivery services, people, or rather customers had been waiting impatiently for the fast-food giant to resume its services. With the reopening of multiple outlets across the country, the firm’s spokesperson had also hinted that they might be working on bringing back their very popular breakfast menu. The news about the opening of its fast-food services came out last week, and according to it, the fast-food chain will be opening it up for the customers within this week.

Very recently, the authorities at McDonald’s have also confirmed that the breakfast menu is finally going to make a comeback. It might disappoint some of their customers. The breakfast menu that is coming out is not going to have some of its previous items. Now, McDonald’s customers are well known to have select preferences and tastes in regards to their menus. Hence the missing items might be distressing for some of their customers. 

The reason that McDonald’s has given for canceling out items from the breakfast menu is that due to the COVID 19 pandemic, most of the outlets have a shortage of working staff. Thus the productivity level is relatively low. In such a scenario, listing all the menu items and then not having them available on time will just put a dent in the company’s image of never making their customers wait for their orders.

The reduced menu now contains its main menu. Currently, it has no breakfast items and does not have any shakes or wraps to be ordered. During the weekend, McDonald’s finally decided on a date to relaunch or rather bring back their famous breakfast menu. The menu is making a return on June 24. Finally, the company has also announced the items that will be included in the menu. The very famous McMuffin, bagels, and hashbrowns are staying on the menu. They will be available from June 24, although initially not in all the restaurants that will happen gradually.

The pancakes or bacon rolls will not be included in the breakfast menu. It has most definitely left a lot of customers disappointed, but the company has a valid reason not to bring back the whole menu in full swing as of yet. The fast-food giant aims at making its breakfast menu available throughout the country by the end of July. It will be a part of its phased wider reopening of its restaurants after the COVID 19 pandemic.

Although this was previously not the plan, the company might finally be looking to reopen walk-in services. News sources have reported that McDonald’s is thinking of reopening its walk-in services for the customers in some of its restaurants. The tentative dates for this reopening as of yet is supposed to be June 17.

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