McDonald’s gives Recipe of Popular Hash Browns using just two Ingredients

McDonald’s has been shut down in parts of the UK due to the current outbreak of the global pandemic. Given that several of its prime locations have been shuttered down, its dishes remain a distant taste for its loyal fans. In such times of crisis, the fast-food giant has come up with easy recipes so that people can stay at home and cook by themselves.

The fast-food chain is helping its customers to make the dishes like the very popular hash browns at home. The hash browns from the fast-food store have been a favorite to breakfast lovers. Now, the restaurant helps them recreate the same in the comforts of their homes. The fast-food chain’s breakfast is a refreshing treat to morning blues.

However, it is not new that the company has given away its recipe to its people. Earlier, it was their Sausage and popular Egg McMuffin that made way to eager home cooks’ dining tables. The company had shared easy recipes of these dishes so that people could cook for themselves and stay at home. This time it is giving away to its followers a hash brown recipe. It is interesting how efficiently it can serve as a marketing strategy for the brand as well.

The company is providing its customers with meals between the hours of 6 am, and 11 am ardently, diligently, and religiously over so many years. Over the decades, it gave the natives a different taste to inflame their taste buds through a concoction of myriad dishes plated just perfect to taste. But, the coronavirus pandemic is unlike anyone who has witnessed in their lifetime ever. 

These stores that were once bustling with customers had to be shut down to prevent the spread of the disease. Nevertheless, the brains behind the store operate with vigor through innovative approaches, one of which is the recipe method. It not only serves to keep the company’s loyal fan base hooked and glued to the taste and warmth of McDonald’s but also attempts to make them stay at home.

Now let us come back to business. So, the things that you need while making your tasty hash browns will be some potatoes and eggs if you want to make it for your family. One of these will do if you are making for yourself. Yes, that is just 2 ingredients.

McDonald’s has instructed its home cooks to make a hash brown. First, they are required to grate the potatoes. These finely grated potatoes should be kept in a bowl. Next, you need to break or smash (as you wish!) the eggs and pour into the same bowl containing your grated potatoes. Just after you are done with this, you then have to put the seasoning of salt and pepper. The mixture is ready.

Next, the cook is asked to heat a tablespoon of oil in a pan then put in the pan, a big spoonful of the mixture. It will then be shallowly fried, almost like it is being baked on both sides one at a time. Once the same has gained some firmness, you are required to use a spatula to press it applying a little pressure to flatten the same.

There you go. You have to cook until the hash browns appear to give a golden brown tinge on both sides. Your hash browns are done and are ready to be served. However, you must make sure that you follow the instructions all along and not miss any step. There are no ingredients to be missed, anyway! Also, you must make sure to serve while the dish is hot as it is just then, it tastes the best.

In places elsewhere, the popular fast-food chain store had earlier decided to bring in some sturdy changes for the tough times in the breakfast course of the menu. Some items could be removed to simply staff needs. These alterations, however, were going to be temporary.

The restaurant also encourages its home cooks to keep trying tasty dishes and sharing it over social media with the hashtag #JustLikeMcDonalds. Meanwhile, the restaurant has urged its people to help it with new dishes. It is specifically asking them to suggest oddities in burgers to start once the situations normalize and fall back in place.

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