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McDonald’s Halts Dining in Japan Considers Opening in NZ

McDonald’s halts dining in Japan considers opening in NZ

The company has decided to halt the operations at many of its prefectures in Japan. The closing down will be taking place from Monday. The lockdown shall be till May 6, 2020. On the other side, McDonald’s in NZ is getting ready to reopen on the coming Tuesday.

Japan has a total of 1,910 restaurants where Mcdonalds operates in 13 prefectures. Now that containing the virus is the biggest challenge, it is important to shutter down every possibility that can lead to a spread of the disease. Thus, the stores shall remain open all day from Monday up till May 6.

Japan has declared a state of emergency; hence it is only expected of the state to get all store operators to close their respective outlets. The restaurants in Osaka and Tokyo have been singled out with a renewed vigour to tackle the corona health crisis. McDonald’s will continue to accept drive-thru, takeout and delivery orders in Japan though.

Thus, barring the opening of restaurants for dining purposes, other modes of food delivery shall be allowed across all restaurants. The chain store company has also decided to strengthen its on-going efforts in order to protect its users and restaurant staff members.

Earlier, New Zealand had declared a state of emergency all over its expanse. The country is reportedly falling in the Level 4 of the danger zone. The level 4 on the COVID 19 alert system is considered to be the highest level in the present times. 

In New Zealand however, the lockdown is getting lifted this Tuesday. Thus, popular chain stores like those of McDonald’s, Domino’s and Subway are super excited and getting ready to reopen next Tuesday. These chain stores are pretty hopeful that the stores shall open for drive-thru across the whole of NZ.

The restaurant chain is gearing up to deliver meals via the no contact route. Extra precautions shall be taken. Delivery shall be made in keeping with the principles and demand of social or better physical distancing. Subways will also be taking orders through an app or online to help customers access its 250 stores, and they can be received at pick-up stations. 

The orders can be collected via Uber Eats as well. The whole process shall strictly be contactless to help the state tide these bad and uncertain times.

However, the chain stores will have to ensure a number of things before a sound stream of supplies could be ensured. They need to talk to suppliers, arrange the stock available in the country. The restaurants need to erect their franchisees and get their staff ready. A number of measures need to be taken to open “safe and happy restaurants.

The govt. officials have issued an advisory for the companies and restaurants. The stores are needed to be operated in the delineated manner. A number of manuals, checklists and training modules shall be provided to these chain stores to adopt safe food practices.

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