Mcdonald’s is Bringing back its Breakfast Menu in 1301 Outlets across the Country

McDonald’s had been working on opening up its breakfast menu for ages. When the world is slowly coming out of the lockdown, bringing back this long-awaited menu seemed like a good idea to McDonald’s. Although the company officially announced the comeback of the breakfast menu a couple of weeks ago, only a few of its outlets or branches had the breakfast menu. The firm is now bringing breakfast back in almost all of its macies branches; thus, 1250 branches across the country will now have the breakfast menu. However, there are still a few select outlets that will not have it. In the previous weeks, only 42 outlets brought back the menu, with only limited menu items, which was kind of a bummer for all muffin lovers. So, an overall estimation of about 1301 chains will have breakfast.

Sadly for some McDonald’s as well as breakfast fans, some outlets will still stay closed. There are a total of 120 restaurant chains that will not be serving the menu. Amongst these 120, 92 are yet to be opened up, that is, they are still shut down due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Around 20 chains are not ready to serve the breakfast menu items yet, due to lack of materials or lack of staff to prepare them. While closing out the restaurant outlets was a must due to the strike of COVID19 across the world, a lot of businesses are slowly opening up. 

The governments across various countries have announced specific guidelines to ensure the safety of citizens. However, it usually gets difficult to control the people once they decide to break the rules or not follow guidelines. In cases like these, brands, restaurants, and other such businesses must come together to ensure that the social distancing guidelines are being followed at personal levels to ensure the safety of their customers and employees.

In a recent interview, the chief executive officer for the United Kingdom and Ireland, Paul Pomroy addressed the customers, assuring them that most of the popular items in the breakfast menu were making a return appearance, like the hashbrowns, muffins and pancakes and everything on the main menu remained unchained. Paul further added that they were trying to strictly follow the social distancing guidelines, which made the number of people inside the kitchens decrease, thus leading to less staff. Hence, they couldn’t bring back porridge, bagels, and a breakfast wrap. 

Although the other outlets start serving the breakfast menu from today, there are a few that will not do so, 28 such outlets are listed here: Asda Edinburgh, Burnley – St James St, Northwich, Trafford Centre – The Orient, Thurrock Lakeside, Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Dun Laoghaire, Asda – Watford Dome Roundabout, Rathmines, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2SR branch, Praed Street, London, Bray Town Hall, Warrington, Aberdeen City Centre, Harrow Leisure Centre, Metro Centre, Mahon Point, Bolton, Lakeside, RM20 2ZF branch, Redditch, Welwyn Garden City, Asda Widnes, Southampton – West Quay, Limerick, V94D280 branch, O’Connell Street, Dublin, Crumlin – Ashleaf Centre, Mansfield, Hatfield – Asda, etc.

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