McDonald’s is Getting Ready to Reopen this Week, Safety and PPE in Place

Mcdonalds has informed its employees and staff that it is opening its branches gradually since it is ready to reopen this week. The company stated that safety and PPE are adequate in amount. When the same is ensured, the store will begin opening its branches to deliver its regular services.

The proposed plans reportedly cover 1,350 branches around the UK that are poised to get opened again this week. The employees will be trained, and they should be getting access to the same anytime soon. The operations would be modified, and several services would be adjusted to offer only the most demanded products.

The popular chain store will reportedly be carrying out a test to check its capacity in order to find out if it can manage the required operations while adhering to safety rules and regulations. The company will also be checking if it has sufficient stock of PPE. The testing that is marked to occur this week would be carried out to look at new rules, for example, social distancing norms and safety guidelines that mandate Personal Protective Equipment options for the staff.

The company would thus be testing if the available facilities to take care of distancing and apt security levels of its employees are in place or not. The company is planning to provide modified operations as well as to offer a limited capacity to its customers in the initial phases of its reopening. It is known that there could be a supply-side crunch for raw materials as well for some time.

A memo had been sent to McDonald’s employees that revealed important details about the company’s plan to reopen its stores across the nation. The fast-food store has not confirmed the date on when it would reopen. Just the previous week, the rumors had it that the fast-food chain store was going to get reopened sometime in the middle of May.

Whatever the date be, it is expected that the fast-food chain store will be taking a final call in May itself and begin a process of slowly opening its branches all over the United Kingdom. The chain store is focussing on ensuring a right and suitable working environment for its employees as of now.

A suitable working condition ensures that the staff would work without fear. The amount of labour would be replenished as well. There are some operational tests lined up for the chain store as well. It will test its capacity to know how the branches would look like and operate once they are reopened.

After that, the chain store’s next focus would be on checking if its employees can work with the social distancing norms in place. The arranging of PPE options and opening in a limited capacity are the prominent thoughts that would be taken up during the testing period.

Several fast-food chain restaurants are opening their branches gradually. Take, for instance, KFC that has opened 15 of its branches and operates with adequate capacity of employees. KFC has resorted to delivery and takeaways for now.

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