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McDonald’s is Presenting Walt-Disney Toys Along with its Happy Meal, Albeit for a Limited Time

McDonald’s is presenting Walt-Disney toys along with its Happy Meal, albeit for a limited time

Many kids may miss out on the fun by not meeting their favorite Disney characters in Disney parks due to the COVID-19 fears. However, it is not essential that one needs to be physically present in Disneyland to experience all the fun. For the same, McDonald’s is doing its part to get to see and play with Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Starting November 17, McDonald’s would be giving out Walt Disney toys with its Happy Meal. However, these toys are going to be available only for a limited period. So, along with every Happy Meal, there is going to be one Disney-themed toy. In all, there are 10 such toys.

All of these toys have been made to look much like the attractions present in Disney themed parks. Some of the free toys available with the Happy Meal are as follows:

  1. Mickey and Minnie sitting in a red car; this has been picked based on Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway theme
  2. Mickey Mouse-hovering aboard a space mission
  3. Minnie Mouse on a pirate ship courtesy, Pirates of the Caribbean
  4. Daisy Duck soars above the Spaceship Earth
  5. Mickey Mouse within the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  6. Minnie hunting for the iguanodon from Dinosaur
  7. Expedition Everest featuring Goofy onboard
  8. Donald Duck enjoying his spin during the Mad Tea Party
  9. Pluto enjoying during the Jungle Cruise
  10. Goofy decked up as the conductor of the train during Runaway Railway

The blog that has featured on Disney Parks mentions that each of these 10 toys when linked together, makes up a train complete with 10 carriages. Moreover, each toy consists of a distinct feature that ensures some movement for the character as the train moves ahead. For instance, when Goofy’s train moves forward, his arms flutter up and down. 

McDonald’s Happy Meal site also consists of coloring pages that are free of cost. Kids can download these pages from the site and color their favorite Disney characters.

McDonald’s Happy Meal has been around for many years now, having celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019. At that time, the food chain had re-introduced some old toys that were on for many years. These included toys based on a persona like Cowboy Nugget, Hamburglar, and many more.

The McDonald’s red-colored boxes have also been bringing a wide variety of delicacies for many years now. The food chain has introduced many new food options as a side dish starting 2018 onwards. Some of these side dishes include fresh vegetables and fruits. For beverages, milk was introduced. These new trends were adopted so that the calorie count per meal is maintained below 600. The food chain went ahead to scrape off the cheeseburger from its menu.

Along with Walt Disney toys, McDonald’s is also providing tickets for a game. Each ticket has a code inscribed on it. It is a kind of a lucky draw thing in which the code needs to be entered. The lucky ones can get a chance of winning four tickets to the Walt Disney World Resort, where a vacation can bring in loads of fun. This vacation can be taken at any time till December 15, 2022. Every Happy Meal contains this code. McDonald’s Happy Meals with Walt Disney theme can be availed until December 14, 2020.

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