McDonald’s employee hits a customer with blender at Ohio

McDonalds employee hits a customer with blender image

Not just any employee, a former McDonald’s manager, threw a blender at a customer during a fight. The incident occurred on the 22nd of September and is still creating a lot of chaos. How did this happen? The customer, Britany Price, received a wrong order from McDonald’s due to which she went to the counter to exchange the meal. The incident happened in the Cincinnati chain of McDonald’s.

After receiving a wrong order, Price decided to go to the counter and fix it right. Apparently, she had to wait for 25 minutes for the issue, while the staff was attending other customers and were happily ignoring her. After waiting for so long, Price eventually got frustrated and started verbally abusing the staff for their service and the mistakes that they make.

During this time, Nashawnda Johnson was at the counter, counting the cash. While the refunds can only be processed by the managers and Johnson went inside quietly to bring the manager and solve the issue, Price started throwing bags of Happy Meals at her. To Price’s surprise, Johnson grabbed a blender and threw it right across her face, damaging her cheekbone.

When asked about the incident, Price stated that Johnson was ignoring her and had an “aggressive, very intensive and almost demeaning” attitude, which is clearly not expected from any of the staff members of McDonald’s. Johnson was removed from the job at the moment and has even admitted that she should not have thrown that blender at Price.

When confronted, here is what Johnson had to say, “She’s the one who started this. It would’ve never went down like that if she would have never threw stuff at me.” Adding to the above statement, Johnson said, “As me, walking away from the register, going to the back. She just started assaulting me from the back, she threw a chocolate milk and hit me in the head with it as I had my back turned, so I turn around, here comes the apple juice, hit me in the face. All the Happy meals and the brown paper bags, she just started going crazy. So, every action has a reaction, so while I’m getting assaulted, I just picked up anything that was right there and just threw it back at her.”

Though she says that she didn’t realize at the moment that it was a blender and that she regrets throwing it, Price had to go through a tough time as her cheekbone got destroyed. Johnson lost her job and till now, is not able to find a job. Johnson had spent 10 years with McDonald’s, and this incident ruined her career.

According to reports, McDonald’s has stated that Johnson will not be appointed for any job in any of the fast-food chains of the company. Currently, Price will be filing a case against such action, though there are no reports till now. So, we can guess that Price is still in the hospital for the treatment, after which there might be a case.

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