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McDonald’s Names First 15 Branches Set to Reopen for Deliveries Next Week

McDonald’s Names First 15 Branches Set to Reopen for Deliveries Next Week

In a fresh move after it had first announced the reopening of its branches all over the UK, McDonald’s has listed a total of 15 branches that are ready to get opened for deliveries starting from the next week. The set of branches that are going to be opened are earmarked for 13 May. This reopening would be part of a trial by the fast-food stores.

This move comes in the wake of its other counterparts treading along similar routes. Even KFC and Burger King had been planning to run trials for supervising the reopening of their branches at many places. For instance, KFC had already opened 15 of its branches. A limited reopening as a first is a shared feature of all these fast food stores. The delivery shall be made available through platforms like UberEats and Deliveroo.

The chain store will expectedly be taking a cue from its mates like KFC that has been operating with a limited capacity of staff. KFC has stuck to only delivery and takeaways for now. Perspex screens, sanitizing stations, and other social distancing measures would be duly followed.

The earlier plans by the popular chain store reportedly covered some 1,350 branches around the United Kingdom that had been marked to get opened the coming week again. The final decision was to be taken on a few selected branches where the employees were earmarked to be trained. The regular functioning of all these outlets that are set to be opened again after the lockdown would be modified.

It is expected that a number of services would be adjusted to offer only the most sought for products. The timing has been changed, as well. For the records, the company would be making another point to reduce the working hours. After these branches are opened again and get functional, they would be running between the hours of 11 am to 10 pm. This reduction in the total opening duration will be temporary.

The change in timings, though for a short period of time, underscores an important detail. The fast-food store will not be providing breakfast options to its customers anytime soon. In keeping with that, wraps and milkshakes will also not be provided.

The popular fast food restaurant had carried out a test to determine its capacity in order to inspect if it was capable of managing the needful operations while adhering to the government guidelines. The company had also checked beforehand if it had sufficient stock of Personal Protective Equipment and whether the staff could follow the safety rules and regulations. 

The testing that was slated to occur the previous week was aptly done in a bid to examine the capacity of McDonald’s branches judiciously. It gave valuable insight on whether the company’s most busy stores would be following the safety precautions and rules, for instance, the social distancing norms and other safety guidelines at a workplace that also mandate Personal Protective Equipment for the employees.

McDonald’s chief executive, Paul Pomroy, said that the company would adhere to a new normal and that the branches will be different from what they had been earlier. Following are the branches that the fast-food store has been the most willing and kind to reopen for its trusted and demanding customers: 

The 15 branches are Chelmsford Riverside, Chelmsford Westway, Ipswich Cardinal Park, Boreham Interchange, Luton Leagrave, Watford Hertfordshire Arms, Chaul End Lane, Luton, Beechings Way, Gillingham, Sittingbourne Retail Park, Gillingham Bowaters, Tooting, Dalston, Welling, Harrow, and Luton George Street.

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