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McDonald’s Pulls its Popular Breakfast Menu due to COVID

McDonald’s pulls its popular breakfast menu due to COVID

McDonald’s has decided to pull its popular breakfast menu to simplify the daily affairs since the Coronavirus cases are on an all-time high. The fast-food chain store has decided to bring in some sturdy changes for the time being in the breakfast course of the menu.

These changes are going to be temporary with some slight variations in the number of items present in the breakfast menu. The restaurant shall continue to serve its customers their popular choices. Once, the conditions start getting back to normalcy. These changes will be rolled back. The fast-food store meanwhile has been serving the customers by means of take-outs, Mobile Order & Pay, Drive-Thru or McDelivery at most of the stores.

The chain store has agreed on temporarily removing some items from the breakfast menu over the next couple of weeks. The brains behind the idea have replied that there shall be minor alterations. Few operations in their kitchens and for their crew shall be simplified. It is agreeable to all that the ongoing stir due to the global pandemic has put the onus of feeding a large section of the population on the shoulders of food stores.

McDonald’s U.S. President Joe Erlinger stated over his Twitter account, “All day breakfast’s response to this news: ‘I’ll be back,” just after the announcement was made.

The fast-food company has decided to evaluate the prevailing conditions regularly and look to move back to the chain store’s regular breakfast menu as soon as possible. In October of the year 2015, McDonald’s had come up with its hugely welcomed Egg McMuffins, sausage biscuits and hash browns. The Egg muffins had created a rage back then, and the popularity has only soared over the years.

Given that feeding a much larger population becomes comparably difficult than the way it was possible earlier, it is only relatable to get convinced of the menu variations that are going to be in effect. That the all-day breakfast menu from the popular fast food store will have few cuts in the menu items was stated by none other than Bill Garrett, the senior vice president of McDonald’s U.S. operations.

The statement was given to USA TODAY on Wednesday. As the disease worsens the situation, countries are putting in more and more regulations. Just a few days ago, the chain store had also decided to shut all the seating areas, including the use of self-service beverage bars and kiosks at all the McDonald’s owned outlets throughout the United States. It was stated on March 16, 2020.

Within a fortnight, the fast-food serving chain restaurant has brought alterations and removals of the items in its popular menu.

In the wake of the everyday crises as a result of the global pandemic, many restaurants and food and beverage outlets have lent their helping hands to mitigate the crisis. Take the example of Starbucks. The employees at Starbucks have been working day in and day out to deliver coffee to hospitals, grocery stores, first responders and nursing homes.

This offer from the popular beverage outlet and coffee giant is benefitting hundreds of medical staff, paramedics, doctors, nurses, police officers, and firefighters on a daily basis. These sections of tirelessly working folks that deserve to receive a free tall brewed coffee which can be served either hot or iced will be getting it free of cost. The same was announced on this Wednesday and is likely to continue until May 3, 2020.

Burger King has initiated the giving away of free meals to kids. The restaurant gives 2 free meals for kids whenever an adult meal is purchased using its app. Hence, as per the offer, whenever a user purchases an adult meal utilising the company’s application, he or she will be delivered two meals for kids as well as the adult meal completely free of cost. The service has been said to continue till the stocks last.

These food outlets are bent to encourage their customers to have sustained concerns of having just a limited contact while doing daily and mundane tasks like picking up foodstuff from the delivery persons. Many companies have come up without box customized menus and payment models to suit the people.

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