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McDonald’s worker awarded for her kindness and customer service

McDonald's worker awarded for her customer service

On Ellis Avenue, there is a McDonald worker who has been working for over a decade now in the store. As kind as a person can get, she is adored by her customers. Her manner of talking, her amiable presence, and beautiful smile are everything you need to make your day a beautiful one.

She is called Willie May Taylor, her full name. Needless to assert, she is an instant favorite among her customers who like to visit her often for her customer service at McDonald’s. There are her young customers as well, many of whom have grown up watching her talk ever so politely to every person, be it in her immediate or distant presence. You can very frequently come across people who would shower her with praises.

Willie has always been like this. She says, “I am a people person.” She is a woman who understands the importance of kind words and kind acts. While taking just about any order and even while she is speaking over the phone, she is extremely loving and polite. She greets her customers like they are her own family. While over the phone, she starts with wishing Good morning and can add cute little phrases like “my love”.

Thereafter she politely adds that she is serving them. And it is then that she goes ahead and asks, “May I have your order?” Of course, that is such a warm gesture. Anybody can be touched with the grace and poise that she commands and showers upon anyone who happens to speak to her. She is equally generous with her words while disconnecting the call after she has jotted down the order.

She might say something along the lines of “Stay beautiful and blessed and come back and see us.” It is no wonder that her customers visit her frequently and very often to be graced and touched by her genuine nature, which speaks of the kindness which comes naturally to her. Very often, she is known to be making the mornings of people she comes across. There is no doubt why she is a well-known person in the whole of South Jackson.

Recently her kind gestures drew attention from the Geneva Foundation who made her win their first Kindness Award. That is a foundation that recognizes the need to have kind words and thoughtful gestures. It is a great initiative that the foundation is making a point to identify people in and around us who contribute to keeping general goodness and a spirit of brotherhood alive.

On Valentine’s day, she was gifted by both the Geneva Foundation and the representative people from McDonald’s restaurant. She could not be any happier. People spotted her with tears of happiness in her eyes. Her warm gestures were recognized, after all. The beautiful heart she possesses, the warmth of which she imparts to every living being around her, had been aptly awarded after all.
Willie says that she had lost her mother when she was very young. After that, she adopted her customers as her family. This speaks volumes about her big heart full of kindness and brimming with warmth.

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