Meross Expands HomeKit Line with Garage Door Opener.

Meross is a worldwide known manufacturer of wi-fi devices and smart home devices. The company continuously keeps working on new technology and upgradations, which could help them expand their product portfolio. 

Their HomeKit product line is one of the most well-received ones by the audience and has been used widely by homeowners. The same is also ever-expanding, as the recent addition has been the Garage door opener. 

Most products that Meross has provided under the HomeKit range are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Smart Things, and IFTTT. Although, with the addition of the Garage door opener, more and more homeowners who don’t specifically use the four voice-operated technologies, can also use the service. 

The updated model of the earlier Smart wi-fi Garage Door Opener (model MSG100), the MSG100HK, has made a smart home automation system available to the users under a defined budget. Hence, another great product has been added to the line of HomeKit products that Meross already has.

Recently, another product was also added to the HomeKit line, which was the MSS510HK Smart Light Switch. It was an addition to another very recently released product: the Meross HomeKit smart plugs for both the indoors and outdoors.

The light switch is now available on Amazon for you to buy, but the Garage door opener is only currently listed on the company’s official website. The same pricing also isn’t out yet, and it will be while before buyers can finally purchase the Garage door opener. 

We could take a wild guess on the smart Garage door opener’s price, given all the products in the line are priced very nominally. The smart Garage door opener, a non-HomeKit model by Meross, is for $39.99, so we can guess that the HomeKit model will be slightly more expensive than this one. 

Why buyers should be interested in the upcoming product is that it is compatible with almost all Garage door openers and not just the ones that are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Smart Things, and IFTTT, like it was earlier.

Its key features are expected to be that it would be very easy to install, like most HomeKit products. It would also be a very stable and precise product which does the job that it has been assigned, very well. A powerful chipset is also expected, given Meross is known for reliable products being launched from their end. 

Remote and voice control would be the key features that the smart garage door opener is designed around. Only more people would be able to use it with their garage doors. The compatibility of your garage door can be checked on the company’s website or the application guide in the device itself.

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