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Meross Launches a Garage Door Opener as a Home-Kit Version

Meross launches a garage door opener as a Home-kit version

Meross, a Chinese company, is known for manufacturing some of the best smart home products. They have a line of smart home products that have been designed to make life easier around the house for occupants.

Recently, the company launched a new smart garage door opener as it had promised its customers earlier. The product has been launched and is now live on Amazon for customers to buy for their homes. The new product is priced at 38.49 Euros, which is much cheaper than the other garage door openers one would find. Currently, only Amazon UK has the product available for purchase. 

Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings will all be compatible with the garage door opener by Meross. It will make it easier for any homeowner in the UK, with the product, to create an integrated home network where all smart home devices are connected and operable through voice technology. For users of IFFTTT, there has been no news on whether integration with it will be possible or not.

Earlier the non-home kit version of the garage door opener was already available for buyers in the UK, and it was priced at 34.99 Euros only, which is much lower than the current price. Although, the privilege of a home-kit version was only available to users in the US since September. Now, the benefits of a home-kit version will also be available in the UK, with the launch.

The benefit of the garage door opener being launched as a home kit version is that the users will use voice control and automation now. The home kit app can also be used to make the product more efficient in its working. There’s the Meross app, which isn’t a mandate to be used to expect the occasional updates it gets, which you might need to look after.

Users don’t need to worry much about the kind of door they are using, or from which brand it is. The door opener is compatible with Hormann, Chamberlain, Skylink, Liftmaster, Somfy, Sommer, Stanley, BFT, FAAC, Came, Nice, and others. There is more information available on the Meross website, which has a compatibility page. Buyers can refer to it before making the final purchase to see whether their door is good to go with the product or not.

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