Messaging App called Tuned, Released by Facebook for Couples

With the growing popularity of social media, privacy has become quite a concern for many of its users. And by users, we also mean the couples that have to restrict themselves on their PDA, as some users find it intimidating and mushy. But no longer such restrictions, as Facebook has launched their very own couple-friendly messaging app called the Tuned.

The Tuned will be more like a private space for couples where they can share their moments, stories, moods, cards, voice messages, memos, and a lot more. The main aim of the app is designed in such a way that the couples feel connected to each other even when they are apart. And at the time of such a health crisis, where the entire world is on lockdown, an app like Tuned was much-needed. At the Tuned, couples can not only share messages, but they can share music from Spotify, and change their moods and themes.

But that is not all. Tuned has been designed with a modern scrapbook-like theme that lets you share your memories with your significant other and be yourself. It does not let anyone invade your private space, and you can react to your stories and shares with unique stickers and customized reactions. At the App Store, the team that developed the Tuned says that “With Tuned, you can be as mushy, quirky, and silly as you are together in person.”

The app is publicized to be a private space for couples. But when questioned by various news reporters and channels, on whether the data on Tuned is encrypted like in WhatsApp, or whether the user’s data will be shared like on Facebook to aid in advertising. The Facebook Company refused to answer it, which brings us to the conclusion that the company is not being completely transparent. Till the company releases further information about the security and privacy provided by the app, the couple top should refrain from sharing too much private information.

The Tuned App is a recent launch and is currently available for download and use for only the iOS users. You can download the app on the iPhone and iPad’s App Store.

The app has turned out to be a good call for many couples as most of them are now staying apart due to the practice of social distancing going on throughout the world, to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Facebook Company has already launched various updates on its Social Media Portal Facebook, such as providing users with a new ‘Dark Mode’ theme to enable the use of the app extensively at such times. That, too, without compromising on the harm caused to the eyes by the eye strain. 

Not only an update for their Facebook for Desktop, but the company has also come up with a Messenger for desktop, that will enable users to video call and chat directly from their desktops. The messenger app has made it very easy for people to stay connected with their near and dear ones through video calling. The company has also provided a dark mode theme for the messenger app. 

No matter whether it is a lockdown or not, but the Facebook Company has surely pulled it through by launching its many updates and products to aid and abet the population. They have made sure that people are not using their social media to gorge money out of the users in the name of COVID-19. Hence the company has also taken strict measures against that and removed all kinds of fake ads.

Coming with such a brand new idea of launching an app specifically for couples, will surely be an advantage for the company in the long run. The Tuned has a quirky and a very happy and bright theme to itself, which will surely relax the mood of even the most temperamental couple.

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