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Metro Exodus soon to appear on Microsoft Store: Says goodbye to Epic Games Store

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The most popular PC game, Metro Exodus which was launched in February would soon be available in the Microsoft Store. The game was initially labeled in the Epic Games Store Exclusive section and was not available in any other stores for the time being. The store listing was found out by the WalkingCat and the game is going to be launched on June 9 in the store. Though it might seem a bit fishy as Microsoft is going to speak about E3, it would be clear that whether the news is real or maybe fake.

The PC release of the Metro Exodus had already created enough chaos when the game was available only on Steam for pre-order. The publisher of the game, Deep Silver had already said that the game would be available in other stores once the contract is over with Epic Games i.e. by 2020  but this sudden news of the game going to appear in Microsoft Store is a bit confusing.

The game has not yet been available in the Microsoft Store. So the news is not yet confirmed but there are high chances of this happening. Why are we so sure? Well, Deep Silver is one of the partners for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription and the rest you can figure it out.

Well, neither Microsoft nor Deep Silver has given any statement so this might even be fake news nor a leaked one but all we can do is wait and watch. Metro Exodus is basically a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter game which has already gained a lot of fans since its PC version was released.

The Metro Exodus is a sequel to Metro: Last Night which was available in Xbox One a few years back. Though the story is about nuclear war and survival and can be found in both Xbox and PlayStation, Epic Games Store has changed the PC version a bit.

The Epic Games Store had made the game available only in the Exclusive section just before the release of the game, which became upset for many gamers who are still waiting for the game in other stores. There is even a rumor going on that Metro Exodus might even come back to Steam which would be great for all the fans of the game.

If Metro Exodus becomes available in Microsoft Stores then there is even a possibility of the game to appear in Xbox. Though Microsoft Stores is not a great option for purchasing games, at least it would be better than purchasing it from the exclusive section of Epic Games Stores.

Reports state that it would be available for USD 60 at 55GB if Microsoft launches it in its games stores. Let’s see what happens. For the time being, we can only wish for the news to be true that Metro Exodus is going to be available in Microsoft’s Games store and if not then at least it can be available on Steam.

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