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Mi 11 Pro Launch is Scheduled in February, with Similar display Specifications as Mi 11

Mi 11 Pro Launch is Scheduled in February, with Similar display Specifications as Mi 11

Presently, the Mi 11 Pro is still within its development phase. A source has claimed that its display is very much similar to that of the vanilla Mi 11. Many had anticipated that the Mi 11 Pro would be arriving along with the Mi 11. However, taking everyone by surprise, Xiaomi launched only the Mi 11 sometime during the beginning of this week during an event and also revealed the smartphone to be its flagship device. Interestingly, the Chinese multinational conglomerate did not reveal any details about its Pro model during the entire course of the event.

However, now rumors are floating around that the Mi 11 Pro could officially launch in China after the Spring Festival concludes in the country, that is, after February 12.

According to an Android Authority report, the source, Digital Chat Station, has revealed a few details surrounding the Mi 11 and the Mi 11 Pro via a comment on a post that appeared on Weibo. The source claims that the standard Mi 11 smartphone would represent Xiaomi’s flagship device only until the Chinese Spring Festival. The Mi 11 Pro would replace this device as Xiaomi’s flagship device. That only implies that the Mi 11 Pro would be arriving once the Spring Festival concludes.

Digital Chat Station further reveals that the specifications of Mi 11 Pro’s display screen would be more or less very much identical to Mi 11’s display screen specifications. So, one can expect the Pro model to be sporting an AMOLED display screen measuring 6.81 inches and a resolution of 2K WQHD, which is approximately 1,440×3,200 pixels. The display’s brightness level can go up to 1500 nits, while its pixel density is expected to be about 551ppi. Some information related to the display specifications of the Mi 11 Pro had popped out online quite recently.

Well, it looks like the Mi 11 and its Pro model are likely to have something else in common besides their display specifications. There are speculations that they could be developed on the same design platform. 

There are also some hints which reveal the Mi 11 Pro to sport a battery with a capacity of 4970mAh. It would also be equipped with a support system for getting charged quickly in no time. This charging station is expected to be 55W. Additionally, it is expected to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC. And finally, the smartphone’s camera is expected to be an enhanced, upgraded one compared to the Mi 11 camera.

Well, all the device specifications mentioned above have been intimated only via a tipster. So far, there has been no official announcement that has come on behalf of Xiaomi. However, considering the past occurrences with Xiaomi, it was observed that all of its flagship devices indeed had a Pro variant that arrived later. Going by the same logic, one could expect the same thing to happen with the Mi 11 Pro.

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