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Mi Launches 1S and Pro2 Electric Scooters for Buyers

Mi launches 1S and Pro2 electric scooters for buyers.

Electric scooters have been popular for a while as a new mode of public transportation and personal. Although the need for them has comparatively increased in times of the recent pandemic, other modes of mobility around the city have been rendered less useful. 

Well established companies are putting their hands in the electric scooter market, while major manufacturers like Xiaomi are launching new models. Today, the company is the world’s biggest manufacturer of electric scooters, and their two new updated models are certainly worth having a look at. 

Out of the two new models that have been launched by Xiaomi, one is an entry-level option with a comparatively lower price range and is known as the 1S electric scooter. Despite that, the design is very well executed with a streamlined outer structure and a compact built. These two are features that play very important roles in the design of electric scooters. 

An 18.6 mile or 30 km range is what the 1S scooter users receive, and the speed at maximum is 25 km/h. There are additional features as well, which have been only recently updated in the newer model. Beginning with an upgraded display, which shows the speed the scooter is at, it also shows the range and mode of riding in use. 

Headlights in the 1S scooter are the one feature worth appreciating, more than others because this gives you the flexibility to drive the electric scooter even at night. The presence of such a feature indicates that safety has been taken care of even in a basic model. 

The 250W motor used in the scooter is indicative of the powerful design, and 14% is a great addition to the already streamlined design. Users can easily handle the scooter, considering it is only moderately heavy and weighs 12.5 kg. 

The second scooter that will be part of the launch is the new Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2. Out of the two, this is a more advanced version and is more powerful, given that a 300W motor has been integrated into its design.

The scooter range has been enhanced in the Pro 2 model, as it offers a longer range of 45 km or 28 miles. Up-to 20% inclines can be very easily tackled by this electric scooter because of its very well developed and streamlined design.

There are additional features in the new Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, which include an LCD designed to show the ride mode and the range. Bluetooth connection is an addition that isn’t there in the basic model but is present in the Pro 2 electric scooter.

Headlights have also been added, given it is the advanced version of the similar scooter that Mi previously had in the market. Moreover, it is claimed that they can illuminate up-to 10 meters ahead of them and carry reflector strips on the front side and rear. Both models here are foldable, making the design even more user-friendly.

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