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Microsoft accidentally reveals the new Windows 10 Start menu

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Microsoft made an embarrassing mistake of revealing the new internal-only version to the testers or we can say to the 32-bit systems. The 32-bit systems are not widely used due to which the company got saved from and extremely humiliating situation. After realizing the mistake, the update was removed and can’t be found now.

The Windows 10 build 18947 was meant for the internal Xbox development which by mistake got leaked to the 32-bit systems. The new update was from the tech giant’s Canary branch. The internal build has a new Start menu design, without any appearance of the Live Tiles, and is in the testing phase for now. The internal build is being tested for Windows Lite and it is not yet known that whether Windows 10 will completely remove the Live Tiles from the Start menu or not. The new build, according to the sources, also includes a GIF search tool along with the emoji picker.

Though all the features are not yet known as the build was immediately removed, one thing is clear that the update was not for public consumption and this update might even have some risky features which can harm the systems. Due to this, the build is still under the experimental phase and won’t be released until proven safe. It is not the first time that Microsoft has made such a mistake. In 2017, the company had released the internal versions of Windows 10 for PC and mobile which caused most of the devices to enter reboot loop. The mistake was quickly realized and a recovery tool was provided to the devices to solve the problem.

The users on the insider-rings who install the pre-release updates know the risks that it holds. Such pre-released updates contain many hidden features and many risks which can harm the device to an extreme level. Those who have installed the pre-released update may find some difficulties even after the build has been removed from the system.

The leakage has revealed a lot of information which can prove to be fatal to the company’s reputation and privacy. Due to the reveal, the users now know what to expect from the update and what harm it might hold. Dona Sarkar, Microsoft’s Windows Insider chief said that the company was “looking into” the recent issue and would solve all the problems related to it. The company spokesperson later said that “This was an error and we’ve since pulled the build.”

Though the build has been removed, it is still unknown if some users have installed the update or not. The version, as said earlier, was released on 32-bit systems which are less in number but there is no surety if the version has been installed in the systems or not, and if it has been done, then what risks it holds cannot be said for the time being. Such mistakes from Microsoft can be very harmful to its customers and it is the responsibility of the company to avoid such mistakes in the future.

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