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Microsoft brings in new Windows 10 icons which are very colorful

Microsoft to feature several stylish Windows 10 icons

It seems as if the house of Microsoft is pitching for an overhaul. The operating system will be having a whole new range of beautiful icons which are going to be a storehouse of colors. The design team is meticulously working on the concerned project, and you will soon see a lot of changes in the way the OS looks primarily on its new Windows 10X, according to a report in the Business World.

The brand will be rolling out so many new icons which would modernize the whole system. The new app icons which have so easily become the talk of the town shall be following Microsoft’s Fluent Design principles. In the past months, Microsoft had shown some of its new icons. To be precise, it was in December of 2019 that the brand came up with hundreds of new Windows 10 icons for the expected roll out.

The icons that came into the picture that time were very colourful and had an elegant touch with an outlook of modernity. The icons looked much more diverse and stylish than the ones we see today. Certainly, a lot of work has gone into designing each set of icons for an extremely large pool of applications that the Operating System supports. It is not that the icons have undergone a complete change, but when you look at a bunch of them, they look great.

The icons are known to feature some tweaks here and there that causes them to appear far more drool-worthy and presents a defined and consistent layout overall. The design team seems to be working to do away with the number of old icons that the platform has been hosting since time immemorial. The Windows 10, which was supposed to look totally different, did not please us, given that many of the icons were just the same with few changes here and there.

The rollout will be a part of the Windows 10X which will not be coming very soon and take the whole of the current year instead. In the previous versions, the OS hosted some old icons that were dating back decades. The new operating system will feature a somewhat improvised logo as the main Windows logo which would get to be a part of the Windows 10X screen layout. The same was informed earlier this year.

The coming solution to decades-old icons in the form of the Windows 10X is known to be available for devices that feature a dual-screen. The new OS will also boast of a new Start menu. As per a review on The Verge, the new platform is going to ditch tiles totally since it will do not have Live Tiles. In both Windows 8 and Windows 10, there were flat tiles for the icons.

But, as per the newly announced design, the icons have been presented to be of some stylish gradient-like appearance. The gradient and hue combine a sky blue shade with white and different corners present a shady and contrast lighting effect. This looks very cool and charming to the eyes. As per reports, the complete Microsoft’s icon work and Fluent Design shall be a time-taking and painstaking process, and it would occupy the whole of the present year 2020.

Image Source: TheVerge

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