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Microsoft is Embedding Skype’s ‘Meet Now’ in the Windows 10 Taskbar

Microsoft is embedding Skype’s ‘Meet Now’ in the Windows 10 taskbar

With the coronavirus pandemic taking the entire world by storm, video calls and meetings have replaced all the physical events this year. Although it is a known fact that most people are making use of the Zoom app for video calls now, the app that introduced the concept of video calls in the first place is nowhere to be seen. Yes, we are talking about Skype here. 

The number of people resorting to video calls may have increased during the past few months. However, unfortunately, this has not boosted the usage of the Skype app. Skype is an internet calling application, a product developed by Microsoft. The tech giant had incorporated the “Meet Now” feature into Skype sometime during the beginning of this year. 

“Meet Now” provides users with a very simple technique to host and organize video calls. According to Microsoft, the entire meeting can be set up with simply “three clicks.” With Meet Now, there is no requirement for any sort of Skype installation, nor is it essential to register or sign up for a Skype account.

In the latest version of the Windows 10 beta build, Microsoft plans on embedding the “Meet Now” icon within the taskbar. With this update, users wishing to set up a video call with near and dear ones can do so simply by accessing the Meet Now icon, placed within the notification section of the taskbar. So far, there is no information as to whether this icon would be visible only to those users who already use Skype for making video calls. It could also be possible that this could only be present in the form of a button that can be enabled or disabled as per the user’s requirement. 

The exact manner of how this entire functionality would be implemented would be clear only in the days to come, as the process of testing this feature is still underway. 

A couple of weeks ago, there were reports which stated that Skype was still in existence. The only thing is that it has been sidelined at present due to Microsoft Teams, which has received many updates this year by the tech giant. 

However, it is not that Skype was not benefitted at all during the pandemic phase. Sometime during March, Microsoft claimed that Skype recorded a daily user count of about 40 million, which was almost 70% higher than that in February. However, unfortunately, even within Microsoft, Skype does not seem to stand out. In April, Microsoft Teams recorded about 75 million daily users, much higher than that of Skype. 

Some other updates that Skype got this year apart from Meet Now was that users could change their virtual background and set it to any other theme when a Skype call is in progress. It could present a better picture of the user during an ongoing video call, and the user need not worry about his actual background. Users can also raise their hands in the Skype application.

Skype came into existence back in 2003, even before Facebook came into play. It was the most sought after application during those times to conduct video calls. During the final quarter of 2010, Skype had about 145 million users on a monthly average basis. Microsoft went on to purchase Skype in 2011 from a private investment firm for about $8.6 billion.

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