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Microsoft is going to warn Windows 7 Pro users about the End of OS soon!

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If you are one of those people who are still using Windows 7 Pro, then you should reconsider because Windows 7 Pro is coming to an end. It has been some time since Windows 7 Professional home users are receiving notifications regarding the discontinuation of the operating system. Microsoft has announced that it will stop updating Windows 7 Pro from January 14, 2020.

Many people don’t know this, but Windows 7 Pro is running in an ‘extended support’ phase. It had been ever since January 13, 2015, when Microsoft ended the mainstream support. For those of you who don’t know what mainstream support is, it means that Microsoft stopped adding new features to the software and invalidated all the warranty claims. However, the company continued patching bugs and fixing security issues.

Microsoft wants people to switch to Windows 10, and for that, the company is releasing a new update on Windows 7- KB4493132. The latest update will display the notification on Windows 7 Pro to remind the users to update. It will also provide a learn more button to help the users to learn more about Windows 10 and the devices that run on the Operating system.

“The notifications will soon start showing up on the devices of the operating system’s professional users but the devices that are domain-joined as a part of an IT managed infrastructure will not receive any notifications,” announced Microsoft.

Windows 10 was released in 2015 and following so many improvements it is only wise on the company’s end to discontinue Windows 7 Pro instead of putting in more time and effort.

When we say that Windows 7 will reach its End of the Life cycle for professional users, we do not mean that from January 14, 2020, your PC will stop working, you’ll certainly be able to boot up your PC to work as usual. End of Life cycle simply means there won’t be any updates and bug patches to save your PC from viruses or any other security issue. So, it might not be a good idea to ignore those notifications popping up on your screens.

Microsoft is pushing for change, but there might be some who are just not ready for it yet. So, for those companies that need to remain on Windows & just a little longer, Microsoft had a provision for them too. The companies using Windows 7 pro after the End of the Life cycle date will be provided with all the services but at the cost of $25 per device for the first year which will rise to $50 per device for the second year and $100 per device for the third year.

As per the news, currently, Microsoft is working on solutions for making the upgrades much easier for the companies who don’t want to leave its users behind. So, if you are the part of the population who are still using Windows 7 pro, then you might want to do something about it soon.

Some of the options you can pick from are, one, you can upgrade to a higher Windows version, preferably 10. You can upgrade to Windows 8, but even though it is more recent than Windows 7, it is bound to perish before Windows 10.

Two, you can altogether ditch Windows and switch to Linux, which is an open-source Operating System and has many versions to it. Although it might be a little difficult to switch from Windows, it will be worth it. The best option for the first time Linux users is Ubuntu as it is easy to learn and supports a lot of apps.

Ready or not, it is time for the users to choose to either upgrade and stay loyal or to ditch Windows altogether. If you decide to stay loyal, then you can look forward to what more Windows has to offer because it has been a rare case where Windows disappointed its users.

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