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Microsoft is Keen to Make Windows 10x Compete with Chromebook

Microsoft is Keen to Make Windows 10x Compete with Chromebook

Just yesterday, Microsoft confirmed that it had reprioritized its Windows 10x. And now, the new product will be focussing on a single screen and regular devices. Thus, the Windows 10x is being designed for being launched as a first on laptop and devices like that.

Thus, the brand has decided to shift its operations towards more supporting portable and secure devices. This new Windows variant was originally planned to be run on new dual-screen hardware. This intention has been changed, and the prerogative is to give finality to the OS for portable devices like laptops.

It is a simplified development. After this simplifying procedure, the operating system of Windows has all potential to act as the rival to Chromebooks, which enjoy considerable popularity in the sphere right now. It is reported that Microsoft had its eye on Google’s Chromebooks for quite some time, and the recent amendment in its priority marks a similar outlook.

The goal is to create an operating system that is backed by Cloud based services. Microsoft has employed its brains towards this ambitious project investing heavily in Cloud-based support for its operating system. It is reported that the OS will have a simplified interface this time as well as an updated Start menu. On top of that, there would be several positive changes as far as multitasking is concerned.

The Chromebook type variant from Windows will be running its applications in a special container that will be aptly gauged to provide for performance and security. The modern Cloud backed OS will be smooth in its operation while getting a streamlined functioning. Google’s Chromebook has always been a big competition for Microsoft in businesses and more so in the educational field like schools and colleges.

This focus comes in the wake of Google’s increased focus on employing Cloud-based storage, as is the case with its Chromebooks. Thus, it was anyway only a matter of time before Microsoft ventured into this sphere to leverage the Cloud platform as more and more users are making use of Cloud daily.

Windows and devices chief Panos Panay said the previous day that it was the most opportune moment to benefit out of Cloud as its popularity meters soar day by day. Windows has now decided to reposition its new companion as a streamlined type of Windows 10x. Even the interface looks new like it is breathing a fresh wave of air.

The goal of the company is to reduce the complexity and simplify things. The work is towards achieving an OS that could support all the low cost and the cloud-powered single-screen devices and laptops.

The next area of focus of the company lies in the making of a virtual personal computer, which is rightly named as Windows Virtual Desktop. The same has been shared by Satya Nadela, the Microsoft CEO in many leadership meetings and other events. As of now, details have not been divulged.

Apart from that, as there is a demand surge for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft is working hard in that direction as well. Thus, it seems that for Microsoft, there is a lot more to be done to continue its dominant position in the educational and business domain. There is the Teams and then the current Windows 10x that require its continuous stream of attention.

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