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Microsoft Xbox Games Bar now available for Windows 10!

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If you love PC games and are a die-hard fan of games, then Microsoft has something great for you. The new version of Xbox Games Bar has been launched and would be available in Windows 10! The new overlay is already creating chaos among the gamers along with all other new features. With the new version, Microsoft is surely going to improve the gaming experience of the players. The Xbox Games Bar is basically a customizable gaming overlay already built in the system consisting of Windows 10 and has full integration of all kinds of PC games without any exceptions.

The Xbox Game Bar is user-friendly and gives the players the authority for capturing screen, sharing data, playing music and many more. The new Xbox Game Bar has Spotify integration in it which means that the player would have full control over the kind of music that they want while playing. If you are already mesmerized by this, then the next few features would make you a fan of Xbox Game Bar. The Xbox Game Bar even has socializing apps integrated with the PC which would allow the user to chat with their friends through any Xbox platform. The new LFG or “looking for group” feature even introduces the players with gamers having the same kind of game style, hence helping the users to find teammates.

The broadcasting and screenshot feature is also available in the Xbox Game Bar. These apps help the gamer to broadcast themselves in any social media accounts and adding to that, they can even share the screenshot that they have captured while playing, in the social media account. The best part is that one can have access to all of these features without even having to leave the game! Just press alt+tabbing and then use any of the features that you want. Gaming has never been so much enjoyable and with the new features of the Xbox Game Bar, Microsoft is going to change the view of gaming for all the players out there.

Another thing which should be noted here is that Xbox Game Bar has a customizable UI i.e. the user can now customize their Xbox Game Bar according to their choice and can even hide or display the elements which they like or don’t like. With these features, one would surely want to switch to Xbox Game Bar instead of using any unauthorized or underrated apps which they have been using to play games in PC. The Xbox Game Bar has been released just a day after the release of Microsoft’s Windows 10 update.

Though the new update of Windows 10 does not have many gaming features, the company is trying to fill in the holes by the features of the new Xbox Game Bar. Meanwhile, the launch of the Xbox Game Bar has created more excitement for E3 2019 which is going to be released within a week. After viewing all the features of the Xbox Game Bar, the expectations are going to be high for E3. Let’s see what more surprises are coming in the way.

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