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Microsoft launches its All-in-One “Office” app for iOS and Android combining Word, PowerPoint and Excel

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Microsoft unveiling its new Office app for both Android and iOS users. The interesting part in it is, it comes with the combination of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Till now people used to download apps and use these services separately. Now, with this Office app users can get all in one.

Microsoft office or just simply office is a family of client software, server software, and services that are provided by the Microsoft Company headed by Bill Gates. But the Microsoft office has apps that were operating separately that is to put it in simple terms, Microsoft Office included separate softwares for different tasks such as Excel, a spreadsheet software, Word, a document software and PowerPoint, a presentation software.

Till date, all these apps used to come separately for their different tasks and utility, but this tradition has finally ended by Microsoft itself. Microsoft has revealed its all-new Office app for its Android and iOS users. The new app will club all these separate apps together into one under it.

According to Corporate Vice president of Microsoft, Jared Spataro, the all-new ‘all-in-one’ app is, “the world’s productivity cloud.” and, “Productivity service that put AI to work for you.”


Well, the new office app comes with all new features that would just make all the workaholics out there fall in love with it. The new Office app allows you to transfer files from your personal computers to your mobile phones. It also allows the users to scan pictures and then convert them into PDF, tables, and even into text. This means that the users will no longer have to take the hassle of first emailing the Word file that needs to be edited or worked upon from their computer to their phone on a different email ID, download it and then work on it.

But now, all one has to do is, take a clear picture of the text that needs to be edited or worked upon, and the app will handle rest. The new app can also scan QR codes and other stuff. Well, first, all these features remained hidden in the app, which restricted their usage or, more probably, was unknown by the users. But since all these features will now be visible on the taskbar of the app, they will be more used and utilized than before.

With all these features, users will more likely shift from desktop and laptop to completely mobile phone as this new app make all the tasks were much easier to do. So, from now users can work on Mobile phones too as there are a lot of new and quick to do tasks that the users would rather prefer to do in mobiles than on PC.

The new Microsoft Office has a new look too. Along with all these luring features and compatibility, the new Microsoft Office also comes with a new logo. The color contains shades of orange, red, a bit of yellow, darker shade of pink, and a tint of purple on it. It looks like an uncompleted square from a diagonal angle.

This new app is currently available on the Google Play Store only as it is on a public preview for the time being. And hence, it won’t be available on other devices such as iPad or tablets. Interested users can have a trial of the same if they want to download the app from their respective stores.

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