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Microsoft Office 365 Glitch Leaves Many Users Struggling to Access Online Services

Microsoft Office 365 glitch leaves many users struggling to access online services

Microsoft faced a major authentication outage related to Office 365. This outage prevented many users from accessing some of the organization’s well-known services such as Office.com, Outlook.com as well as Teams.

According to the organization’s status dashboard, the problem reportedly started sometime around 2:25 pm PT. Many consumer users across the world have been facing issues for seeking access to Microsoft-based services for the past few hours. Microsoft claims that this issue would have impacted a few government users too. 

Microsoft went on to post a series of tweets, in which it stated that it tried to resolve the issue. Sometime around 5:44 pm ET, there was a tweet that came directly from the tech giant’s Twitter account stating, “We‘re investigating an issue affecting access to multiple Microsoft 365 services. We’re working to identify the full impact and will provide more information shortly.”


However, in an unfortunate turn of events, the fix did not work as expected. Hence, the tech giant had to roll back the changes it had made for fixing the issue. The Windows and Office software developer went on to say that there was no sign of any “increase in successful connections” even after the changes were recalled and the original version was restored. 

A Twitter user posted a tweet saying, “A moment ago nothing was working, then I went into files in Teams and it was working, now nothing is working. Well I guess now I have an excuse to not do work and watch TV.” Apart from this, there were several other Twitter users who were left fuming. Many of them were worried that they could miss out on their scheduled job interviews. College students expressed disappointments stating they could miss the deadline for submitting their assignments. 

Close to around 5:50 pm PT, Microsoft reported that it could notice an improvement for many of its services after it had tried “rerouting traffic to alternate infrastructure” so that users could get access to many of its services like before. At the same time, the tech giant stated that it would be looking into the issue. Microsoft went on to post the following statement on its status page: “We’re pursuing mitigation steps for this issue. In parallel, we’re rerouting traffic to alternate systems to provide further relief to the affected users.” Although Microsoft put up this statement, so far, it is unknown as to how many users are impacted owing to this outage.

Another update surfaced on the Microsoft 365 health status page in which the company went on to claim that the outage did not have any effect on the sessions that were on. The page posted a status saying, “Affected users are encouraged to keep existing sessions going and to avoid re-authenticating to Microsoft 365 services. Any Microsoft 365 service that leverages Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication may be impacted by this issue.”

However, millions of users on the western coast of the United States as well as those in Australia are still struggling to get access to these online services.

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