Microsoft releases its ALL-IN-ONE Office app for Android

Gone are the days when you had to juggle between a handful of apps to get your daily work done. Microsoft has just released its all-in-one office app, and it is a powerful app for all android users. Now you will not need separate apps for making presentations, viewing and scanning PDF and writing in a word file. The unified app does it all for you.

For people who rely on a lot of document editing and submissions and a host of presentations while juggling between slides, Microsoft has got some good news. The brand has combined the efficiency of its apps like MS Powerpoint, MS Word, MS Excel and inserted new tools and features in its new application for the users of Android. The app appears on the Google Play store. The app is not available for iOS users as of now.

With a space requirement of 89 MB, the app singly eliminates the need to use so many other apps. Now the users shall be empowered to employ the best of different editing and application worlds viz Word, Excel, and PowerPoint under one roof. Microsoft had first released its three apps, including those of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as totally separate apps. But now since the umbrella app has arrived, all of the three earlier apps will be combined into one Microsoft Office for Android app. 

Along with these productivity apps, Microsoft Office includes connectivity to OneDrive. Not just that, the company has been equally pressing to provide single platform support for signing in and scanning PDF files. The all-in-one Android app also lets its users sail through their OneDrive files while also enabling them to scan documents that are in the hard copy form. The scanning which was previously done through a separate scanning app by Microsoft will now be done with the in-built Office Lens. 

The Office for Android app gives you another feature that is related to the use of reading QR codes. The app also allows the sharing of data between devices. The user shall be able to transfer files to his or her computer and share files to the nearby devices in a way that is much akin to the Google app which goes by the name, Files by Google. The app easily lets you send and receive files to or from nearby phones as well as providing a QR code scanner. 

Finally, there is an app that goes against the usual call for separate apps, an approach that was employed by both Google and Microsoft. All being said and seen, there are some pitfalls and disadvantages too. For instance, the all-in-one Microsoft Office app does not make efforts to incorporate some required features which were earlier available in the separate apps which have been used. We cannot use the app in the landscape mode. As per Android Police, this present Android app has not been optimized for tablets or Chromebooks.

Talking about the support for devices like Chromebooks and tablets which thrive on the landscape mode, and the app has a long way to improvise. The app is present on the Play Store at the moment. You can download it from there. But for Apple users, the wait could be longer. The iOS equivalent to the app also not released at present. Hopefully, the company does its part and gives users ample options to exercise their thoughts. 

The unified app makes sure that you do not have to juggle between apps and will come handy for all those times when you are required to work on a report and a presentation at the same time. Although unified apps like WPS Office that is ditching the MS Ecosystem, still existed and their popularity makes it known that they are the most demanded apps for both amateurs and professionals. But, it is Microsoft which has been the undisputed king of the document editing and viewing sphere. And the brand continues its streak.

After so many months of beta testing, the company has finally unveiled its app, which boasts of increased productivity. With the app, the brand has fulfilled its promise of one such app to an extensive and diverse community of daily users. With the coming of this app, the user shall not just be getting the most desired Microsoft ecosystem, but he will also get to save some time which was not possible before.

Image Source: NDTV

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