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Microsoft Surface Duo’s hinge Design is Commendable

Microsoft Surface Duo’s hinge design is commendable

iFixit has explored into the Microsoft Surface Duo, giving an insight into what is coming within the dual-screen device. The most notable and commendable feature seems to be how the hinge of the device has been designed. According to iFixit, the device’s hinge design is equivalent to a “miniature 360-degree laptop hinge.”

The Surface Duo comes with two screens, unlike the Galaxy Fold and the newly arrived Motorola Razr, where the display screens are in foldable form. These devices could have come with a better hinge design. Motorola Razr’s hinge could not sustain itself and broke after 27,000 folds in a durability test. Likewise, Samsung had to push the Galaxy Fold device’s launch to improve the hinge design, such that the device remains dust-free while maintaining its durability feature. 

The iFixit members have also reported the massive difference in the batteries’ sizes coming with the device. Two batteries are coming within Microsoft Surface Duo. Both the batteries work together, giving out a total power of 3577 mAh. However, there is a massive size difference between the sizes of these batteries. The variation is such that the size of one battery is almost double compared to the other one. Another issue with the batteries is that they have been fixed using loads of glue and screws. In the event of a battery issue, replacing these is quite a herculean task. 

And it is not just the batteries that are difficult to change. The team at iFixit notes that most of the device’s components have been made such that they are tough to be replaced. The exception is only for the displays of the device and the rear side glass covers. 

Other specifications

The device comes with an AMOLED display for both the screens. Each display measures 5.6 inches in size. Both screens come with a resolution of 1800×1350, with a pixel density of 400 PPI. The device is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC coupled with 6 GB of DRAM. 

The Microsoft Surface Duo comes with internal flash storage of 128 GB or 256 GB. It consists of only one 11 MP f/2.0 camera that has been designed such that it can be used both as a front and a rear camera. 

And finally, the hinges are designed such that they can be rotated freely to up to 360 degrees. 

When the device fold is opened, it looks extremely sleek. The device thickness measures only 4.9 mm when unfolded. When folded, its thickness is about 9.8 mm. The device also comes with a removable SIM, much like other Surface devices. The SIM can be removed without much difficulty. 

Price Details

The Microsoft Surface Duo is coming for $1400. Although the device boasts of the best possible hardware for developing the dual-screen, the device’s software is still not error-free. iFixit had said that it encountered numerous crashes and screens that flickered continuously when it tried to access a few web pages on the device. Microsoft has stated that it would be offering software updates for at least three years. However, with all the pros and cons of the device listed out, it is left to the users to decide whether to own this device.

Image source: Engadget

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