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Microsoft brings Windows 10X to Laptops, according to leaks

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Microsoft has accidentally leaked the news that laptops might be getting the recent Windows 10X update. It is the time of the year when Microsoft releases the annual update for Windows and this time the new update is going to be called Windows 10X. Apparently, the update was stated to be made available in foldable dual-screen devices and for the new Surface Neo, but the leak from WalkingCat revealed that the new update would even be available in laptops.

The new update has fixed bugs and issues that were found in the previous version and has even added some new features. Some of the upgraded features include renaming of the Start menu as Launcher, improvisation in the face recognition, and there is even a chance of a “Modern File explorer” which would be making an appearance in the new Windows 10X.

The Start Menu has not only found a new name but has also got improvisation from the update. “Search is seamlessly integrated with web results, available apps, and specific files on your device. Recommended content is dynamically updated based on your most frequently and recently used apps, files and websites” says the document regarding the recent update.

Not only that, the document even reveals about the face recognition improvisation. It states that, “When the screen turns on you are immediately brought to a state of authentication, unlike Windows 10 where you first need to dismiss the lock curtain before authenticating. Upon waking the device, Windows Hello Face will immediately transition to their desktop.”


Apart from that, there are also news stating that Windows would be making the Action Center and the quick settings feature simpler, in this update. If this news is found to be true, then it would be easier to have access to important settings at no time, rather than fumbling around the complexity of the settings.

Furthermore, Windows 10X would also support customizing some of the features like Wi-Fi, cell data, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Rotation lock and even projection of the screen. Well, there are even news that Microsoft has invested in the Office apps, and we would likely be seeing the new version of the Office apps by next year.

What else? Microsoft has released its new gadgets in the Surface lineup, which have already gained fame. The new Surface Duo and Surface Neo can be bought from online stores, and there are many reasons as to why you should buy these devices. The Surface Duo is a dual-screen phone which can fold 360-degree and can even be converted into a tablet.

While the Surface Neo can be converted into a mini-laptop, it cannot be used for making calls, only for office purposes. Other than that, the new Surface Pro X laptop from Microsoft has become an immediate favorite, as soon as it got released. The features, the screen and the speed of the laptop is remarkable and can be used by students and even by office going lads.

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