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Microsoft’s Latest Xbox Series S Console May Arrive Soon in Stores

Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series S console may arrive soon in stores

Looks like Microsoft’s second, low-cost next-gen Xbox console might arrive pretty soon in stores. It would most likely be known as Xbox Series S. Some snapshots of the controller have been leaked online. By looking at the pictures, it is evident that the controller is fully-developed and ready with its complete packaging. The packaging has the name printed as ‘Xbox Series S.’ A twitter user named Zak S has bought the controller for $35, and it does look authentic.

The new controller was available on the OfferUp site. The packaging side mentions that the controller is compatible with both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. So far, Microsoft has not released any official statement regarding the Xbox Series S. No announcement has been made regarding the white Xbox Series X controller. 

Sometime last month, a peculiar white-colored, Xbox Series X controller had surfaced online. It was observed that the controller had a new D-pad during that time, along with textured triggers and a brand new share button. The latest leaked pictures are in sync with the pictures that surfaced online previously. The retail packaging on the latest pictures gives hints that these could soon be found on store shelves. 

The Xbox Series S is by all means set to be Microsoft’s second low-priced next-gen Xbox. It has been nicknamed “Lockhart.” A Microsoft document that surfaced online sometime in June had revealed the organization’s plans of two upcoming next-gen consoles. Microsoft-based “Dante,” which is the codename for the Xbox Series X devkit, permits the activation of the “Lockhart” mode for game developers. Microsoft wants the performance of the latest console to be equivalent to this one. 

The Lockhart console would be equipped with 7.5 GB of RAM that can be used. Additionally, it is having about 4 teraflops of GPU performance. It would have the same CPU that is available on the Xbox Series X. There could be a possibility of Microsoft announcing its plans about the Xbox Series S in August. It may also have to do a lot in the firm’s Xbox All Access subscription plans that come up with an Xbox console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass) based on a monthly subscription.

Further details regarding the next-gen Xbox are awaited. They would be out only when Microsoft issues any statements regarding the same. Phil Spencer, vice-president of Microsoft gaming, has stated that the firm would provide details regarding the Xbox Series X in August.

So far, neither Microsoft nor Sony has stated anything about the costing details of their next-gen consoles. Like Microsoft, Sony is also expected to have two variants coming with regards to its PlayStation 5 hardware. There would be a usual unit coming with a console that would be completely digital and available at a much lower cost. Also, this would not be having any disc drive. It is targeted towards those customers who have started liking digital content.

Image source: TheVerge

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