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Microsoft’s New Update Protects Office 365 Users from email Storms

Microsoft’s new update protects Office 365 users from email storms

Microsoft has released a new update to its Office 365, that will surely save many coworkers from the email storm of ‘reply all’. According to ZDNet, the Microsoft Company will be rolling out this update as an Exchange feature that will ensure protection to Office 365 users from getting spammed by the unwanted reply all feature and the barrage of messages. This update will be available for users worldwide.

Initially, the company will be blocking messages that will help large companies with more than 10 ‘reply to all’ messages being sent to more than 5000 people in one hour. On the off chance, the system detects such a situation it will immediately block the replies for at least 4 hours at a stretch and will also ask the users to calm down.

Till present, the Microsoft update for Office 365 is available only for large companies and Microsoft has not been able to provide it for smaller organizations. But the company has assured smaller companies that it will soon be able to accommodate them. It will also release more updates for the users that will let administrators control and customize the defence setting. It will also let them send notifications whenever a storm arrives.

On the off chance that you belong to a small to midsize business or organization, you may have to wait for a while till the update to be available for you. At times of such pandemic, when then the entire world is facing an economic backdrop and the only mode of communication is email, texts or phones. It is a wish come true for many to be able to avoid their inbox from getting choked up with spammed messages of ‘please remove me from this thread’.

Microsoft Company has surely been busy. It was not long ago that their Surface Laptops were found to be having issues such as screen cracks. For which the company has also issued orders for free servicing to every user that is having these issues. The Surface Laptops, according to various review sites, have been termed to be one of the lightest and most portable laptops to be made. It has a high-end processor along with a good battery backup.

Microsoft as a company makes sure that none of their customers are left unsatisfied and they also are very quick on working on feedback. For example, when the company released its Gaming device, it provided its customers and users with the free trial of it. They also requested their customers to share feedback regarding the same and are working on those to assure that the customers are satisfied with what they pay for.

What more the company will come up for its customers is still unknown. But according to various sources, Microsoft is working on releasing a new Laptop model for its customers which is supposed to be better, smarter, and quicker even then the Surface Laptop.

Image source: Engadget

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