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Microsoft’s Surface Neo to Arrive Beyond 2020

Microsoft’s Surface Neo to arrive beyond 2020

If it can be recalled, during the previous year, Microsoft had stated that it plans to release Surface Neo, that is fit for dual-screen PC’s as well as foldable phones sometime in 2020. Now, according to the latest piece of information coming in from ZDNet and CNBC, it looks like Surface Neo will not be launched anytime this year. Surface Neo that runs on a new operating system known as Windows 10X is not going to come during the holiday season of 2020 as it was planned earlier. 

ZDNet states that the Chief Product Officer in Microsoft, Panos Panay, informed all the employees via an internal team meeting that no devices containing the Surface Neo dual-screen devices would be launching this year. However, so far, the delay has been announced only for Surface Neo. As of now, nothing seems to have changed for the Surface Duo, which is a dual-screen Android phone, whose announcement was made by Microsoft along with the Surface Neo.

However, even third-party dual-screen or foldable PCs, as one may call it, may not be lucky enough to arrive this year. An example of this could be a planned model of Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold, which would again require Windows 10X. This model was originally slated to arrive this year. However, it looks like even this is going to be delayed, resulting in a big blow for the form factor. 

It just means one thing-any device that requires Windows 10X will not be arriving this year. 

In February this year, Microsoft introduced the Windows 10X emulator. It permitted the members of Windows Insider to create and test apps associated with this new platform. Around the same time, Microsoft had also stated that it expects a dip in the sales of Windows and Surface devices in this ongoing season, all thanks to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus across the world. 

However, on a positive note here, Microsoft states that the usage of its software services like Skype and Microsoft Teams has gone up drastically. For instance, the number of people using Microsoft’s Skype video calling system has gone up by a whopping 70%. Presently about 40 million people are logging on to Skype as people are forced to stay indoors. At the same time, Microsoft’s Team chat reported a 37.5 percent jump last month, when about 12 million users used the software daily in a week. 

So far, Microsoft has provided information related to just Windows 10X as far as dual-screen PCs and foldable computers are concerned. However, some leaks hint at the arrival of the Windows 10X operating system on laptops too. Although there has been no revelation of the sort that the Surface Neo delay is due to the coronavirus pandemic, ZDNet reports that Microsoft has changed its plans according to the new world where virtualization and single-screen devices are more important than the latest form factors. 

The exact time of Surface Neo’s arrival at present is something one needs to wait and watch out for.

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