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Microsoft’s Windows Terminal revisits old CRT styles, search techniques and many more

Windows terminal revisits old crt styles

Microsoft’s latest version of the Windows Terminal command-line application arrived last year. And from that time, it has made all possible efforts into improving the same in Windows 10. Presently, Microsoft is all focussed on its next update that is due to arrive sometime next week. And the most important part of this update is that the Windows Terminal will have the olden CRT styles. Another notable feature here would be the quite prominent scan or the highlighted lines on the monitor screen. These styles were pretty existent before people moved on to LCD screens and flat monitors for their computer systems.

These notable features in the latest update would be loved by people who were fans of these retro CRT styles. Apart from these updates, there is something more coming. Windows Terminal has some new features and characteristics added to it. Now, one can actually search through the tabs within the terminal in order to locate the input and output associated with various commands. Another interesting feature that has been added is that of tab resizing. The advantage of this is that more tabs can be accommodated within the entire screen so that one can view the maximum possible amount of tabs at a time.

There are a few more updates too. Microsoft is providing its users the ability to set up multiple profiles, each one having a unique key to unlock the profile. It is also possible to unlock all profiles with a single key setup.

Some of the previous updates with the Microsoft Windows Terminal
During the previous update, Microsoft had implemented the split or multi-view support. What exactly was this update all about? Well, after this feature has been introduced, the user can open and view multiple command prompts all within a single tab in the Windows Terminal. This would be quite easy for the user as there would be no need to switch between tabs.

If one can recollect, the Windows Terminal was launched way back in June by Microsoft. Apparently, this was supposed to be extremely useful for developers who frequently made use of command-line tools and shells like Command Prompt (cmd.exe), PowerShell, and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) distributions. Post which, the software giant had stated that it would be releasing updates for the Windows Terminal once in every four weeks.

Then, later on in September, Microsoft stated that the “settings” within the Windows Terminal had improved drastically. Also, an update was made due to which Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) distributions appeared automatically on the menu and which were ready to use. Also, the Windows Terminal was designed to be stylus-supported. With this feature, one could actually select the text having the stylus within the terminal. The stylus functions somehow like a mouse, and thus, it enables the user to select the text.

Apart from these updates, some issues which were causing the Windows Terminal to crash were also updated. Now, whenever any functionality fails, the Windows Terminal will not crash.

When would the latest update be available?
Presently, Microsoft has provided all its employees with a test version containing the latest changes. For everyone else, these changes would be available on January 14.

Image Source: The Verge

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