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Miele is all set to Bring out its new Robot Vacuum Cleaner Packed with LG’s Patented Technology.

Miele is all set to bring out its new robot vacuum cleaner packed with LG’s patented technology

The consumer electronics giant LG Electronics Inc. has recently joined hands with Miele & Cie. KG. This partnership has come out as the result of a patent license agreement for long term projects. This license patenting will allow the smooth building of robot vacuum cleaners. The conditions of the agreement have been formed such that they will allow Miele to develop and sell robot vacuum cleaners while using patented technologies. Most of these patented technologies are ones developed by LG R&D.

Miele & Cie. KG is a german company in the domestic appliances manufacturing industry for a long time. It specializes in building high-end home appliances. The firm was established in 1899 by Carl Miele. The company is especially known for its good performing products. It mostly manufactures vacuum cleaners, laundry appliances, ovens, dishwashers, etc.

One of the patent technologies to be used will be LG’s induction signal guide. It is a technology that works on audio frequencies, rather than other such induction loop technologies that work on radio signals. These induction loops are used to transmit and receive communication signals.

The next technology to be used under this patent licensing agreement is the infrared-induced signals. This technology will mostly be used to make sure that the robot returns to its original location once it has completed its task. It is assumed that this location will be its docking, where it can easily be put on charging. LG’s patenting agreement will also include technologies that will help with dust unit detection and technologies to carry out agitator management.

LG has a long history of bringing out amazing technologies and gadgets that have vastly improved our daily lives over the years. It has been a constant go-to for many buyers for all kinds of home appliances. President of LG’s Intellectual property center, Jeon Saeng-Gyu, agrees with this. He said “LG has a long and storied history of investing in home appliances,” He further added that such licensing agreements with some of the giant firms in this sector, will ultimately benefit the customers. The major brands usually tend to come up with really good products that enhance the overall standard of living for most users or customers. He pointed out the fact that such license agreements between big brands not only benefit the customers but also turn out good for the collective innovation of the industry.

Some rival companies have already launched their robot vacuum cleaners that are performing exceptionally well. This fact does raise the expectation for a good product from Miele. Although most of these brands are affordable, the robot vacuum from Miele, packed with great technologies from LG R&D, will still have a selling point. This selling point could be the use of some of the newest technologies from LG, added with the high-end touch from Miele.

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