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Miele to welcome new SmartBiz models of washing machines and tumble dryers

Miele launches new smartBiz washing machines and dryers

For all lovers of Miele products, here is a piece of good news – Miele plans to introduce the latest SmartBiz models of washing machines and dryers. To be precise, this new range of products would be coming in for at least five years, starting in January 2020, with the company planning to produce at least 25 washing machines and 16 tumble dryers at the beginning. The prices for washing machines are expected to start at 579 pounds to a maximum of 2199 pounds. Likewise, the price ranges for dryers are quoted between 699 to 2199 pounds.

So, what is the main goal in producing these latest SmartBiz models? Well, Miele says its main focus is towards saving energy and time. All these models are designed in such a manner that they are environment-friendly, and at the same time, do not take much time to complete washing and drying cycles. All of these machines would be having a 10-year extended warranty.

What’s new in these latest models?
There wouldn’t be any new product models without any new features. Likewise, even these SmartBiz washing machines and dryers would be having additional functionalities. These features are all designed with the purpose of providing better wash and dry quality. One of these functionalities is the AddLoad feature. This functionality enables the user to add clothes in between the wash cycle, in case they are not added at the beginning. This can also be used to add garments before a rinse, or a spin cycle begins or during the drying cycle.

Miele has also considered the time-saving factor when designing these models. On average, the timing of the wash cycle has been lowered down by 10 minutes. This means the total wash time would be 49 minutes instead of 59 minutes for a 4 kg load.

Likewise, a company has introduced a new refrigerant for its dryers. This would help in speeding up the drying cycle and complete it 20 minutes earlier. To be precise, these new dryer models are designed such that they have a capacity to dry about 8 kg of cotton clothing in about 155 minutes. Also, the refrigerant used here does not contain any fluorocarbons. This means that it is completely environment-friendly.

How long are these machines expected to last?
Miele has designed these latest appliances keeping in mind the time and environmental constraints. And longer the machine lasts, the better it would be. Richard Treffler, who is the category manager for the Laundry department at Miele, says, ”In a world where everyone is becoming more conscious of waste and our impact on the planet, buying appliances that will last has never been more important.”

Miele has stated that all of its appliances have been tested thoroughly, and they would definitely last for at least 20 years. They have been designed to operate for 15,000 hours or 10,000 complete wash-rinse-dry cycles. Also, clothes washed out of Miele machines are comparatively cleaner than those washed in other machines. The efficiency rating for both the washing machine and dryer is A+++.

The connectivity, as expected, is classic. One can actually pause the wash cycle to include garments into the machine that were not added at the beginning of the cycle.

These appliances also connect pretty well with Alexa. One can give voice commands to the appliance and ask queries to request a status update on its current program. Likewise, washing machines and dryers are also designed to provide information. The dryer can suggest the drying time based on the information provided by the washing machine with regard to the load.

The Alexa feature can also be used to extract information about various functionalities as well as the detergent to be used for washing. These machines can also inform the user when they are low on a few vital things like detergent, water, or power supply.

These appliances are available for purchase in the UK on the Miele website. People wishing to go for two freestanding appliances can use the code DIRECT1019 and avail a 10% discount on the same.

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