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MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 Arrives Onboard, Xiaomi Brings it for 1299 yuan

MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 arrives onboard, Xiaomi brings it for 1299 yuan

The MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 has finally arrived onboard. Xiaomi has released this appliance for 1299 yuan. The Chinese-based firm specializing in electronic appliances has a string of vacuum cleaners coming under the MIJIA brand. It also has vacuum cleaners coming within other well-known brands like Roidmi, Roborock, Viomi, and many more. People in China can now place pre-orders for this product. To do the same, they need to visit the Xiaomi Youpin website.

MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 Specifications

The MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 comes with a motor without having any brushes. This one can rotate at a high speed of 1,25,000 rotations per minute. The motor has been designed such that it can immediately start its suctioning functionality. The device comes with a suction power of 150AW, which helps in the effective removal of dust particles and other forms of dirt from the surface on which it is applied. 

Further, the wireless vacuum cleaner, a hand-held one, comes with a 12-cone cyclone design. A specification of this kind is usually considered as high in terms of industry standards. The explanation of this fact is quite simple. If the number of cones is high in number, then even the tiny particles can be sorted out from the air that has been sucked in by the appliance. 

Once the smaller dust particles are filtered out from the inhaled air, then there is a very minute chance of the HEPA filter getting blocked due to the dust particles. It would enable the HEPA filter to stay in good health for a long time, thereby improving its life span. 

The filtering methodology adopted by this appliance is also very effective. The MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 makes use of a five-fold filtration technique. Using this technique for filtering, extremely tiny and minute particles to the size of 0.3 microns are filtered and removed. Overall, this filtration method helps in sieving about 99.97% of dust elements. 

All the filter units are designed to be washable. These components can be easily washed, thereby nullifying the requirement for replacing these filter parts. The functionality and effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner are also improved to a great extent. 

The MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner has also been designed to give the users a smart working experience. To prove this feature, the appliance comes equipped with an LCD smart display. This one depicts the mode of cleaning. It also displays the amount of power consumed and how much of it is remaining within the appliance. And finally, any fault, if present within the appliance, is also shown on the LCD.

Some other smart features present within the appliance include floor cleaning with intelligent induction and an electronic locking achieved with a single button. Additionally, the suction and the dragging functionalities have been integrated. Finally, the battery lasts for about 65 minutes. 

So far, Xiaomi has not stated anything about the open sale of the MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner. However, going further, there is also a possibility of this product launching out of China.

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