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Milagrow from India is Set to Launch Three Models of Robot Vacuum Cleaners on Amazon

Milagrow from Gurugram is set to launch three models of robot vacuum cleaners on Amazon

Robot vacuum cleaners have become an integral part of the technology that is being experimented with today. Following the trend India based tech company has recently decided to launch three very innovative and exquisite models of robot vacuum cleaners.

Milagrow, the tech company behind the expensive models of robot vacuums that range from 20000/- to 100000/- will be launching the products in the upcoming Amazon prime day sale on 6th and 7th August. The new products will be available in India to purchase through the website only for now. 

The three notable models that are being launched by Milagrow are its Imap max, Imap 10.0, and Seagull. Each of them has a different set of features that define their price majorly. Patented technology by the company has been used in all of them to enhance the performance. 

The Milagrow Imap max is the costliest of the three, costing 99,990 in India. A very intelligent and patented by the company, a wet mopping mechanism has been incorporated in it. It adds pressure on the surface being cleaned, while the Snail Touch side brush is useful for cleaning spots that might have tough stains. 

Given it is a robot vacuum cleaner, buyers would expect something great regarding how it can make work easy for them. That has been facilitated by the kind of AI technology which is usually seen in vehicles being operated without a driver. Real-time path planning and terrain recognition technology are its key highlights.

The second costliest robot vacuum in the list is the Milagrow Imap 10.0, which roughly costs around 89,990. The one feature that is worth mentioning about this robot vacuum is the real-time mapping system which has an accuracy of 8 mm. The vacuum cleaner does all this by simply scanning around the space, eventually making life easier for its user. 

Since the demand for better developed hygienic products has increased, the Imap 10.0 also features HEPA filters that can remove up to 99.5% of PM. It is a triple air filter system that is rarely seen, which helps the robot vacuum here to perform the desired function well. 

The third robot vacuum that is being launched is comparatively cheaper than the other two. It is priced at 20000/- and is more of a beginner’s model but still has effective features to carry out required functions. 

A different mapping system has been incorporated in the Milagrow Seagull, called the gyro mapping system. You can see the real-time progress of the vacuum in comparison to the entire space and even change its orientation as it goes. 

With all of its products, Milagrow is giving out a good warranty deal. All of them have a five-year warranty plan on the suction motor and a 2-year comprehensive warranty. The user can be assured of the features and the warranty aspect. 

All of them are one of a kind robot vacuum cleaners that have been developed by the company. Interested buyers can check them in the sale that goes live on Amazon soon.

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