A 9-month old boy in Medford bitten by a Milk Snake appeared from under Refrigerator

James, a 9-month old boy was bitten by a Snake on Saturday morning while playing in the kitchen. Jenna Lees-Rofle, the mother of the child said to The Boston Globe that when her child was playing on the kitchen floor, a milk snake appeared from under the refrigerator and attacked her child, it sunk its teeth in the baby’s leg.

Jenna was about to prepare breakfast at her home in 133 Fells Ave and had made her son sit on the kitchen floor and play with pots and pans so as to make her child engaged. After a minute when she turned, she saw a 5-foot snake appear from under the refrigerator and bit her child.

“I screamed,” Rofle told the newspaper. “I immediately grabbed James and brought him to a safe place in another room with my 3-year-old,” says Jenna in her statement.

The snake was later identified as a female milk snake which belonged among the non-venomous type of snakes and is usually found in Massachusetts. Being bought up in Australia, Jenna was already prepared for the worst. “Snakes there can be very vicious,” said Lees-Rofle. “This was nothing like that.” The lady says that the snake might have got frightened by her child who was playing with pots and pans.

After checking the child, they found no inflammation around the area of the wound for which they were a bit relived. The parents put the snake in the trash bag by using a bucket and broom and then further transferred it to a transparent container of glass and then informed the nearby police station.

Jenna and her husband who were the residents of Medford since 4 four months have never seen any wildlife near the area. According to them, even their neighbors have ever seen any snake or other wildlife in the area. It is being guessed that the snake might have been hungry and in search of food might have entered the house through the pipe system into the kitchen. The residents of the house have sealed off space under the refrigerator and have even placed mouse traps after the incident.

During the whole process of this incident, James, the 9-month-old baby, was totally calm. “Even after the bite, he was totally unfazed,” said Jenna. Being in Australia since birth, the children are taught from a very tender age to be aware of the dangerous snakes and have knowledge about which ones are venomous and the ones that are not.

According to the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s snake identification guide, Milk snakes are not aggressive though they might bite when handled. Even after the snake attacked James, nothing serious has happened to the child. Though he was taken for a checkup and was even given some medication for precaution purposes. He was lucky that the snake was non-venomous and has not caused any problem for the rest of the family. The snake is now under the care of the animal protection department and would soon be released to its natural habitat.

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