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Millions of Players Join Pokemon Go 2020; Catch a Billion Pokemon

Millions of players join Pokemon Go 2020; catch a billion Pokemon

Pokemon Go Fest 2020, an annual event organized to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Pokemon Go, was held on the 25th and 26th of July. Unlike the previous years, this time, the event was held completely online on account of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Owing to the event being held online, many people got an opportunity to participate in the same irrespective of their physical location. Hence, the event had a lot of players taking part in the same.

What happened at the Pokemon Go Fest this year?

Game tasks were spread across both days of the event. According to Niantic, the Pokemon Go Fest 2020 had about “millions of trainers” from about 124 countries. These players ended up catching about a billion Pokemon. The trainers were pitted against Team Rocket, and they had to trap Victini (also known as the Victory Pokemon), a Mythical Pokemon that was present in the game for the first time. 

Some of the other attributes that were a part of the event were new shiny Pokemon and regional Pokemon. However, all of these were not in their regular habitats. However, the numbers of these attributes were a little less when compared to the ones found at the physical event. Heatmor pokemon was one of the extra attributes that were a part of regional Pokemon. This character is mostly found in the Western hemisphere.

In all, about 58 million Team Go Rocket players were defeated by the online players. Team Rocket was spread over a large number of locations as a part of the entire fest. Apart from all of these, trainers sent 55 million gifts to each other. And although the event was being planned in a manner wherein the players could participate from their home itself, they had to walk for an average of 15 kilometers each. 

An object that attracts pokemon was being made active for the entire duration of the event. Team Rocket members were present in balloons spread across the sky. The game tasks were easy to complete for those who stepped out of their homes. 

Niantic intends on donating about 10$ million or even more to U.S. non-profit organizations. It would be from the amount received as part of the ticket sales. By getting this money, these organizations would get an opportunity to help local communities set up their lives that were hit due to the pandemic. Additionally, it is also helping out Black AR creators with funds for their projects. The ticket sales have brought in more money than expected.

Niantic stated that it had to work very hard to organize this event that was completely digital for the first time. For them, the players’ safety was the top priority since they had to ensure that they were safe when interacting with each other. During the initial phases of the pandemic, Niantic made it possible for players to trap creatures from long distances remotely. It had even prompted social distancing in gyms when players physically arrived for co-op battles. 

Niantic has even stated that players have put up about 33,000 small businesses for another contest. Towards the end, Niantic would finalize about 1000 locations, which would appear as locations within Pokemon Go.

Image Source: TheVerge

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