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Milwaukee Admirals to sport Uniform with Refrigerator Logo

Milwaukee Admirals reveals new refrigerator logo image

Milwaukee Admirals will be celebrating their team’s 50th Season. The team unveiled a new logo for their alternate uniform that celebrates the history of the team and sings an ode to the origin of the team. Dan Simon of Studio Simon has designed this awesome fridge logo.

In what is shown on the new uniform logo that first came to existence on Thursday, November 21 is, a caricature of a refrigerator having a hockey stick tightly clutched in both the hands, whilst being prepared to hit a shot has been depicted. This new logo commemorates the season 50 of the team.

Putting light on the true meaning behind their name AHL’s Milwaukee Admirals, the new logo quashes the speculations raised by the earlier logos in line. The previous ones seemed to claim that the name “admiral” was meant to hint at some high-end naval officers, a lineage which the team descends.

The AHL Milwaukee Admirals are a professional ice hockey team among other hockey teams in the American Hockey League. They are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Milwaukee Panther Arena at the University of Wisconsin, United States.

In the winter of 1970, the team first played under the name of Milwaukee Wings at the ice. Although they lost this first game, they got to win days later. The Nashville Predators were founded in 1998. Currently, the team has been affiliated to the NHL’s Nashville Predators as a top affiliate.

The logo would be seen on the different and alternate uniforms that the team members would be putting on. Now it has been finally revealed by the new logo that the history was derived from Admiral Refrigerators actually.

According to the team: “[Frank] figured if he was going to buy a hockey team at least he could get some publicity for it, and thus, the Milwaukee Admirals were born.”

Actually, an appliance store owner Erwin Merar Frank had purchased the Milwaukee team in 1970 which was later called ADMIRALS. The original owner was named Reed Fansher who sold it to a group of investors. Erwin Frank purchased the rights.

Erwin Merar Frank happened to be a local businessman who owned an appliance store which dealt in ‘refrigerators’. So, now you can see how the team celebrates its source and descendence, paying homage to its owner and establishment. Currently, the team is captained by Jarred Tinordi (2018-present).

Thus, as a noble way to pay tribute to Erwin Frank and celebrating their half a century, they came up with the idea of a logo. Admirals’ President Jon Greenberg said: “Irv (Erwin Frank) was a pioneer in the sports marketing world, Back before any team even thought to put a patch on their jerseys, he was advertising on the whole darn thing. This is a great way to pay tribute to Irv and to culminate our 50th Season.”


The refrigerator logo can be sought on merchandise which starts from Friday and shall become available in the Arena Team Store. The timings have been decided to be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Panther Arena. It would also be available online on Cyber Monday.

Over the years, the earlier logos that came up sported a nautical bent, but not this one. The team is all excited and set to put their new jerseys on. They will play with this featured fridge logo uniform on Saturday, April 4, 2020, against the team Rockford Ice Hogs.

According to sources, the jerseys will be auctioned off. The auction proceeding has been said to be in favour of the team’s charitable wing Admirals Power Play Foundation. This way, they not only pay homage to the team history but also arrange for a charity to benefit the Power Play Foundation through auctions.

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